Habanero Consulting Group

Habanero is passionate about helping people and organizations thrive. They create employee, customer, and member portals that are the heartbeat of an organization. Habanero portals increase employee engagement, foster rich customer communities, and facilitate better collaboration with partners. Habanero is proud to be recognized as a top Canadian workplace.

Two professional engineers, who believed that the Internet would fundamentally change how organizations do business, founded Habanero over 17 years ago. They believed then, and still do today, that success comes from building authentic relationships with clients, partners, and employees; always doing what is right, even if it might be painful in the short-term; and placing an emphasis on continuous improvement.

Habanero’s award winning project experience spans many industries, including financial services, utilities, oil and gas, hospitality, travel and tourism, as well as crown corporations. The company’s approach across all of these industries is to create experiences that don’t stand in the way of the relationship between companies and their customers, members or employees. By focusing on their clients’ goals and having a deep understanding of the end-user, Habanero designs and delivers solutions that are extremely enjoyable to use, visually engaging, technically appropriate, and meet real business objectives.

User centered design is at the core of the company. Habanero is fanatical about creating incredible experiences, be it inside their own organization, for their clients, or for the people that ultimately use their solutions. The company’s passion for user experience is present not only in how they deliver their projects, but how they share with their community and teams outside their organization.

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Habanero Consulting Group