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Webinar | Tuesday, November 13 at 2PM CET

More experimentation and faster time-to-market using Sitecore Javascript Services

Setting up headless microsites with a fast time-to-market and leverage the full Sitecore Experience Platform capabilities

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More experimentation and faster time-to-market using Sitecore Javascript Services

Marketers want to experiment and quickly deliver rich experiences to audiences on campaign (micro)sites.

With the new Sitecore JavaScript Services (JSS) approach content authors can manage the content of microsites with the Sitecore Experience Editor as they would edit any other web page - including advanced features like testing and personalization.

JSS is built to support JavaScript frameworks that are putting component architectures and atomic design principles at the center. This is a strength that both Sitecore and modern JavaScript share. In the end, the goal of the headless approach to create your content once and use it many times.

In this webinar we'll explain what headless means for your business and how Sitecore can support a marketer’s need to collect interaction data and personalize the experience on different channels.

Webinar date: Tuesday, November 13th

Time: 2 PM CET

Meet the speakers

Koen Roos
Koen Roos
Marketing Technologist
Stef Sidewalk
Stef Coenen
Technical Expert

Meet the hosts

This webinar is being brought to you by Sitecore and partner Sidewalk. More information about each party below.
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At Sidewalk, we believe in using marketing technology to enable organizations achieving their objectives. We do this by building long term relationships with our clients, understanding their strategy and continuously translating this strategy into suitable solutions. We create, continuously challenge and improve strategic digital marketing platforms based on the Sitecore Experience Platform.

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The Sitecore Experience Platform is a connected platform that gives marketers everything they need to understand visitor needs and intents for delivering a more relevant, personalized experience - from initial visit to post-purchase engagement and nurturing.

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