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How the Loyalty Landscape is Changing

New research from Sitecore and Ogilvy Experience shows how customers expect more and desire greater meaning from their brand interactions.

Peeling back the layers

Today, earning customer loyalty stretches beyond points and miles, and it’s bigger than a program. Sitecore and Ogilvy Experience share the most interesting new findings to help you rethink and evolve tired strategies with fresher approaches.


Make every customer interaction count

Learn how brands are going beyond transactional interactions with customers to nurture lifelong devotion.


How to differentiate your loyalty proposition

Consumers in 13 countries shared the motivations that guide them toward brand loyalty. While some areas are not surprising, others are. Test your knowledge and learn the key to driving meaningful brand interactions.

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The Changing Look of Loyalty

A recent global research report developed by Sitecore and Ogilvy Experience shows that companies must do more today to earn brand loyalty. While rational reasons such as offers and rewards are still vital, many emotional drivers are gaining importance.

Download the report and get the insights on how brands can turn loyal customers into forever customers.

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