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Performance in the B2B Commerce Experience

B2B commerce technology has reached a tipping point, and monolithic platforms no longer meet the evolving demands of the digital space. Performance matters to B2B buyers, and brands must keep up or their competitors will leave them behind.


Performance Insights

Performance is key to delivering the best possible consumer experience, but the complexity of the B2B space creates significant challenges for brands to deliver on buyer expectations. Sitecore's Jacqueline Baxter and Wunderman Thompson's Nick Harry discuss the critical nature of performance, and what B2B businesses need to know to ensure they're delivering the experiences their buyers now demand.

Digital growth for B2B brands is presenting technological challenges and exposing the limitations of monolithic commerce platforms. B2B buyers expect superior online experiences, or they will vote with their feet. Get the insights you need for your brand to succeed.

Performance Matters!

B2B buyers now expect fast, smooth, efficient, and convenient buying experiences, and many are not happy with traditional B2B platforms and channels.


61% of B2B buyers found the lack of functionality of B2B platforms frustrating


60% of B2B buyers have abandoned an online purchase because the B2B website was too slow


23% of B2B buyers said these poor online experiences pushed them to change suppliers

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Driving performance in B2B Commerce

Digital transformation in B2B markets is accelerating rapidly, and more so than ever in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Digital now accounts for 49% of B2B purchases. But digital growth presents technological challenges and is exposing the limitations of the legacy commerce platforms that many B2B suppliers continue to run.

Growth means more... More orders, more traffic, more bandwidth. Performance-wise, businesses need software solutions they can rely on to take the strain.

Get the guide which outlines how B2B organization can overcome the CX and functionality challenges of digital growth, and develop strategies to increase successful B2B buyer engagements, building lifelong relationships and loyalty.

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Wunderman Thomson Commerce’s B2B Future Shopper Report presents a detailed and big picture view of purchaser habits and preferences across the B2B journey, and how to succeed online.

About the research from Wunderman Thompson Commerce

Based squarely on the opinions of professional buyers, Wunderman Thompson’s research presents an in-depth look at attitudes, opinions and habits on the client-side of purchasing supply chains – insights that are invaluable to suppliers seeking to gain maximum traction in their markets. It is based on a survey of 604 B2B buyers, including purchase managers, procurement managers, purchasing clerks, agents and C-level executives.

The report is based on a survey of 604 B2B buyers, including purchase managers, procurement managers, purchasing clerks, agents and C-level executives. In their report, Wunderman Thompson Commerce presents their findings, with questions covering habits and preferences at every stage of the B2B purchasing journey, and this survey data offers a ‘big picture’ view covering channel choices, technology, purchasing paid-points and desired solutions.

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