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Take off with
Digital Transformation
in Travel and Hospitality

Explore the opportunity for brands as travel and hospitality is set to soar


Embrace the return of Travel and Hospitality

Travel and hospitality has returned, however the landscape has changed. Consumer behavior and preferences have evolved, and here is all you need to know about the latest trends and why organizations should evolve with them.

The shift to digital has accelerated

The balance has always been shifting, and with a break from travel, the appetite for more has only seen the demand grow, and the move to use digital channels has been the preferred experience.


Of bookings for travel firm TUI are now made online


Of global respondents state they are booking online vs. booking packages via an in-store travel agent


Of global respondents were ‘always’ and ‘often’ influenced by how well a product/service is tailored to their personality

Take off with digital transformation

Discover why the break from travel has presented a huge opportunity for growth in the industry and find out how you can get on board...

Transforming travel for the future

The expectations and demands of customers will continue to evolve. Technologies, from QR codes through the metaverse, will continue to evolve the customer experience, and in order to be in a position to grow, now is the opportunity to build your tech stack strategy. Get ahead of consumer demands and industry disruption. Be the master of change with Sitecore and Publicis Sapient.

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Elevate the travel experience for your customers

From exploration to booking, through to the experience itself, you can drive growth by providing seamless and connected journeys, that minimize the effort by the customer but ultimately drives purchases, loyalty and advocacy.

Companies that implemented sales & marketing intelligence tactics reported they realized 35% more leads in their pipeline

By using customer intelligence, companies saw they received a 45% increase in higher quality leads leading to higher revenue & growth

40% percent of firms will launch a data literacy lifeline by 2020 to ensure survival

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