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How the pandemic changed marketing

See how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted marketing and share the results with your team.

What’s next for your marketing strategy?

Marketers have been stretched during the pandemic, taking on more responsibilities and innovating faster than ever before.

Now, you need to find a way to maintain this momentum for digital transformation.

These three presentations prompt you to reflect on what worked during the pandemic and what needs to change so you can start the conversation with your team about “what’s next?” for your marketing strategy.

  • US marketer results
    Around 77% of US marketers say they have advanced their tech stack more in the last year than in the three previous years. Download the presentation to see the other ways the pandemic has positively impacted US marketers.

  • UK marketer results
    Find out what percentage of UK marketers feel more connected with their customers as a result of their digital innovation, and see whether marketers are confident in the solutions they’ve implemented or looking to make changes.

  • Ireland marketer results
    Learn how your marketing peers in Ireland were affected by the pandemic and find out which positive outcomes Irish marketers said they experienced as a consequence of the pandemic.

Reflect on a transformative year in marketing

See how COVID-19 changed marketing

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