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Early: Initiate your personalization

You have not done much yet and/or are just starting to explore personalization.

Personalization: Which side are you on?

The business world is dividing into two camps: Those capitalizing on the vast rewards of personalization and those who don't see it as a top priority just yet.

But there's still time to seize the initiative.


say digital experience personalization is an important facet of their marketing ecosystem.



Where do you sit?

Wishful thinking abounds

Having a bold vision is great. Being overly self-assured isn’t. Despite what they claim, many companies are actually struggling at base camp.


of marketing leaders

And yet, less than


of companies currently use even the most basic criteria for personalization:

  • Purchase history
  • Browsing history
  • Referral source
  • Click-stream data

Thinking you're meeting expectations when you're not is a recipe for customer experience disasters.

Companies know what they'd like

Creating personalized content is a priority for almost everyone.


of senior marketers say creating and publishing personalized content faster is a priority for their department.

But putting great ideas into action can be difficult.

What's in the way?

Companies identify big barriers stopping them from delivering more personalized digital experiences.


lack an adequate roadmap and strategic investment plan.


don't have the budget.


have limited platform capabilities.


encounter channel complexity.


have data challenges.

But it's possible to overcome every challenge.

Leaders in personalization are emerging

Some companies are accelerating fast and know where to focus.


see personalization as a major competitive advantage for their business; 92% of these increased their budget in 2019.


are making Data & Analytics one of their top investment priorities.


are doing the same with Technology Platforms.

Over half of them are using artificial intelligence in smart new ways too.

Here's the good news. There's still time to catch up. You could even overtake them.

Marketers must get honest:

  • With themselves to assess where they are
  • About the need for a clear execution roadmap
  • With the rest of the C-suite on what’s needed

Want to know your next best move?

Delivering relevant, contextualized experiences to customers is a priority for businesses, but many don’t know where to begin. Discover how these simple tactics can help you get started quickly.

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What your peers are telling us

Our research comes from The Global Trends in Personalization Study, a 2019 collaboration between SoDA and Sitecore. We spoke to more than 350 C-Suite executives and marketing leaders about their investment plans, adoption of emerging technology, organizational priorities, and key challenges relative to delivering personalized digital consumer experiences.