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Sitecore Santa Series

Get an inside look at Santa’s side hustle

He's venturing out from the North Pole to run a different kind of "workshop"



Contrary to Santa’s advice, you don't need magic and fairy dust to impress your customers. It's all about having the right technology and insights to create experiences customers wish for. At Sitecore, we can help you wow your customers all 365 days – not just once – a year.

See the latest from Santa

Watch Sitecore Santa Season 2

E1. Santa’s advice on brand values
E2. How Santa is navigating the cloud
E3. It’s all about being customer-centric
E4. Santa is evolving with the times

Looking to consult more than just Santa?

Check out resources to help you meet every moment for your customers.

Take a trip down memory lane

Watch Sitecore Santa Season 1

Season 1 Extended Cut
E1. Personalization secrets at the North Pole
E2. Cookies serve a dual purpose for Santa
E3. How Santa is adapting to social media
E4. Forecasting is a challenge – even for Santa
E5. How Old St. Nic Inc. leverages data
E6. Sitecore Santa: Inside St. Nic Inc.