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Recalibrating CX in Financial Services: Empower people. Embrace digital transformation.

Deliver your customers and employees what they need with help from Sitecore’s partnership with Microsoft

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The Financial Services Industry (FSI) is experiencing dramatic shifts in employee and customer behavior. Recalibrating CX in financial services is about:


  • Engaging customers and employees across digital channels allowing people to do more

  • Optimizing operations to ensure personalized omni-channel delivery

  • Transforming products to suit a new way of working


In this video we show financial services organizations how Sitecore and Microsoft are working harder than ever to help deliver the digital-first experiences your customers want in a timescale that keeps you competitive.


After watching the video, download the "Recalibrating CX in Financial Services" guide to learn more about how Sitecore and Microsoft are helping FSI organizations digitally engage their customers and employees.

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