Taking out the guesswork

The importance of analytics in 2018

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Realistically, today’s marketing teams who are trying to optimise the customer experience are being left with unreliable, sometimes untested, data and time-intensive analytics. This ultimately restricts the view of the customer and how/ where they interact over time. Consequently, the capability to engage with customers in the right context is often lost with a notable impact on the business.

Even if your team is able to view aspects of customer interaction, how fast and accurate are your responses?

During this webinar you will find out how brands like FirstPort and Red Carnation Hotels are already utilising analytics to improve online journeys and conversions. You will also learn about new practices and tools that will allow you to truly leave ‘the art of guesswork’ behind you.

Key takeaways from this webinar include:

  • Why analytics and insight is essential in managing customer experiences
  • How the latest tools ensure that you can get omnichannel insight
  • How to take the time and effort out of using analytical tools to optimise conversions