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Welcome, Sberbank Europe

„The sky is the limit“ – We are here to help you reach a whole new level of competitiveness to keep up with leading global technology companies.

With the support of a progressive digital experience platform, you can build a strong foundation to successfully realize your 2023 Strategy. 

Inspire your customers with custom-fit digital experiences

As one of the largest banks in Russia, Central and Eastern Europe and a leading financial institution worldwide, customer focus is of central importance. Together with you, we want to drive your digital development so that you can always offer your customers tailored products and services - regardless of channel, country and language.

Know your customers and their expectations

Optimize your personalization and enable your regional marketing teams to make decisions based on insights.

Always (digitally) close to your customers

Accompany your customers throughout the entire customer journey - whether offline in the branch or online across all channels and platforms.

Centralize without giving up country-specific flexibility

Manage your country-specific websites on a central platform, but leave your regional teams with maximum customization options.

Centralized, yet regional and individual

Powering dynamic personalization through personas

To create memorable customer experiences, you should know exactly know who you're creating content for.

Future-proof content marketing thanks to headless CMS

A practical guide for a customer-oriented content strategy that convinces.

Deliver the content that will drive customer engagements

Start creating unmatched digital experiences.

Together, we can take your competitiveness to a whole new level. Let's discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.

Customer stories that speak for themselves:

How we can support you with your 2023 strategy

Top tips to make digital your difference

How to use content to stand out and connect to your customers.

Users prefer content that is tailored to their needs

Content is king and personalization is the queen.

Get Marketing and IT on the same page

Discover four ways you can start connecting with IT teams to build a CX powerhouse.

Managing end-to-end CX in 2021

Tips for optimizing experience management.

Ready to go to the next level?

I look forward to hearing from you:

Michael Maurer
Director Customer Experience
[email protected]
Mobile: 0043 660 9296590

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