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Create human connections by putting customers first

Creating a highly personalised, omnichannel experience across all brands in The Warehouse Group is the key to improving customer relationships. A unified marketing platform to manage all customer data and digital assets in one place is essential.

The superior architecture of Sitecore’s digital marketing platform makes it possible with end-to-end content, seamless commerce and continuous personalisation.

Customers at the centre

Gain a 360-degree view of each customer and their behaviour at a group level.

Unified marketing platform

Manage the complete content life cycle, including digital asset and digital rights management.

Continually improving customer experience

Deliver exactly what each customer wants, where and when they want it.


Are you ready to be the next Walmart?

Delivering outstanding experiences for your clients takes a strong content strategy. But how do you know where you are and more importantly, how to take the next step?

Discover how well you’re connecting with clients through content – and how to accelerate your progress by making digital your difference.

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Transforming retail digital experiences

Wow your customers in-store and at home.

Digital business models for Retail

Retail is constantly evolving. Hear how local organisations have moved online.

Control your content lifecycle

Build your business case for better content operations.

There are more ways we can help by answering questions, sharing more insights, and demonstrating the products in action. Email me for information.

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Why Sitecore?

People buy experiences, not just products

Sitecore is composed of four products that work together seamlessly. When combined, they form Sitecore Experience Cloud: the end-to-end content, commerce, and personalisation platform.

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Sitecore Experience Cloud

Explore how we can help you reach your goals

ROI of content management

20 stats you need to know to deliver exceptional ROI.

Sitecore + Salesforce

Combine content and campaigns to unlock new levels of efficiency.

Why content hub is a “must-have”

Drive digital transformation and tackle digital fatigue.

What is omnichannel marketing?

Omnichannel marketing’s role in exception CX.

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