MCAR XC Mobile research white paper


Research: What mobile consumers want from your brand's user experience

Your customers are mobile. Our latest research found that 84% of them comparison shop on their phones before they buy, and a third will abandon a brand completely after one bad mobile experience. Yet most brands admit they're unable to deliver a seamless mobile experience.

We've captured the voices of 4,500 mobile consumers and 450 brands worldwide in our new research paper, "How to keep pace with mobile consumer expectations." Download it now to understand how mobile consumers relate to their devices and your brand—and how your brand needs to relate to them. Data includes:

The basic element 39% of consumers rate as foundational to their mobile brand interactions
How consumers balance privacy with their need for relevant, targeted offers and information
How quickly consumers are turning from desktop to mobile for online purchasing

You know that the mobile experience affects sales and brand loyalty. But how well are you meeting your customers' rising expectations? Register to download "How to keep pace with mobile consumer expectations" to find out what consumers really want, and how they're engaging with you (and your competitors) through mobile devices.