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Best of Sitecore Symposium 2016: Videos from the Business, Marketing, Getting Started and Developer tracks.

The Sitecore Symposium 2016 in New Orleans brought together the latest strategies, skills, and best practices for end-to-end customer engagement in the Sitecore community. Our sessions covered the gamut from social media to analytics, to new levels of personalization and customization. Four conference tracks delivered more than 80 breakout sessions. Did you miss a session? Want to share a specific track or session with a colleague?

Check out videos and presentations from the Developer, Business, Marketing, or Getting Started tracks.

Marketing track

  • The secret sauce: 10 ingredients for successful experience marketing
  • What’s the deal with profiles, personas and patterns?
  • An under-the-hood tour of Sitecore Experience Accelerator

Business track

  • Destination Dollywood! Optimizing the digital experience
  • Make me over! Real-time site renovations
  • Context marketing on a Microsoft scale

Getting Started track

  • Getting started: Personalization
  • Getting started: Automation
  • Getting started: Email

Developer track

  • Path Analyzer X-Files: How we built the ultimate xDB forensic tool
  • Better together: Sitecore on Azure
  • Dreams achieved: xConnect will drive your brand’s next digital revolution