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How Sitecore’s Engagement Value helps you measure digital marketing success

What are your digital tactics delivering? Page views? Time on site? How do you know whether the traffic you’re generating is contributing to business goals? Which pages, campaigns, or assets drive revenue?

Sitecore measures meaningful customer interactions with the Engagement Value Scale, a way to count not just clicks and visits, but real marketing-driven contributions to bottom-line results. Our digital analytics toolkit helps you understand how to rank your business goals and optimize marketing efforts to achieve them. Through short videos, white papers, and an ebook, you’ll learn:

  • How to move from web analytics to Experience Analytics
  • How to turn marketing objectives into specific digital tactics
  • How to evaluate your campaigns, channels, and content
  • How to build consensus for change and find quick wins

See how the digital analytics toolkit helps you to finally master your marketing strategies, understand how they’re contributing to the bottom line, and drive better business results.