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Why marketers go headless

The guide to everything a marketer should know about headless content management systems.

The headless revolution

What’s a headless CMS? And as a digital marketer, why should you care?

Because consumer behavior has changed. We use smart speakers to shop, listen to podcasts and music, and get answers to our questions. We’re accustomed to billboards changing in an instant and kiosks updating in real-time. And this is just the beginning.

New markets and channels like Alexa Skills, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, smart wearables, and smart vehicles present more ways than ever for you to reach consumers with your message.

See how Avanade uses Sitecore to meet new content challenges

Most brands still aren’t prepared to take full advantage of today’s opportunities—let alone tomorrow’s. Enter headless for marketers:

1. Reach consumers on the touchpoints they value: Go beyond web pages and mobile apps, reaching consumers through today’s most exciting touchpoints—and tomorrow’s.

2. Be a first-mover: Reach budding markets—like IoT and Alexa-enabled devices—before your competitors.

3. Gain more flexibility for content delivery: With APIs fueling content delivery, marketers have many more tools available to use without having to rely on their IT department to carry out a lengthy, technical integration process.

4. Faster time to market: With no complicated workarounds needed to connect back-end systems with front-end functionality, you can deliver content quickly and with ease. And thanks to modular storage, repurposing content is effortless as well.

5. Break down silos for consistent messaging: Because content is centrally located and re-used at will, large marketing teams can overcome organizational silos that lead to inconsistent messaging and branding.

Architect your content future

What makes a CMS headless? Its architecture.

Learn more about why adapting to the future of digital marketing depends on making the right architecture decisions today.

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Headless Sitecore implementation results in omnichannel delivery, faster time-to-market

Consistent brand messaging and customer experience

How a global Martech company achieved omnichannel delivery and faster time to market—without losing personalization and analytics.

The marketing team wanted to revamp their event website to enable omnichannel delivery while both maintaining personalization and decreasing time to market over the previous year’s site.

Using a headless CMS with in-content JavaScript app editing, personalization, and analytics, the company now benefits from a native mobile event app and progressive web application that delivers consistent brand messaging and a unified customer experience for event attendees.

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