Advisory Technical Account Manager (TAM)

Annual Subscription Consulting Services

Unless otherwise defined in this document, all capitalized terms used herein shall have the same meaning as that given in the Order including Consulting Services between the Sitecore entity (“Sitecore”) and the Customer entity signing such Order (“Customer”).

1. Scope

What is the TAM (Technical Account Manager) package?

The purpose of the package is to help Customers realize value from their portfolio of Sitecore products and solutions using Sitecore. A named consultant is assigned and works closely with the Customer and Customer team. The consultant establishes a regular meeting cadence with the Customer (and partner if customer wishes). The named consultant is an expert in a product or set of products and provides consultancy on best practice product usage. Depending on the desired expertise of the Customer, the job title of the named consultant will vary. Experts in specific areas can be engaged for short periods to help on specific topics (within the scope of the agreed upon hours per month), or a different named consultant with a different expertise can be assigned on request if the Customer’s needs change. Work will be managed and orchestrated by the named consultant.

What is the difference between the Half TAM, TAM, and Sitecore360 TAM packages?

There are 3 TAM packages available: Half TAM, TAM, and Sitecore360 TAM with Consulting Services to be delivered on an annually recurring basis. The specific package which will be delivered to the Customer is set forth in the Order.

Each TAM package has a different number of hours allocated per month as detailed in the table below:

Half TAM


Sitecore360 TAM

18 hours per month (54 per quarter)


36 hours per month (108 per quarter)

Pre-defined custom number of hours per month. Only available as part of a Sitecore360 package.

What is the working model of the TAM package?

The named consultant follows the below work model:

  • The Customer has direct access to their named consultant during normal business hours.
  • The Customer can communicate with the named consultant via:
    • Regular meetings at a cadence that suits the customer (we recommend weekly)
    • Ad hoc regular calls and screen shares on common topics, scheduled in advance
    • Email
    • Collaboration environments such as Teams or Slack on an ad hoc basis
  • The Customer has access to additional consultants upon request, as scheduled in advance

What topics are in scope of the TAM package?

Typical topics that the named consultant can help with may include, but are not limited to:

  • Product topics
    • Which use cases to work on next (business case, variations specific to a Customer).
    • Progress on value realization.
    • Best practices and insights on product usage.
    • New feature requests and needs.
    • Periodic capability reviews with the Customer to align with the Customer’s technology roadmap.
  • Technical topics
    • Status of initiatives, projects, and use cases in progress (issues, design decisions, usage decisions, technical questions, help on support cases).
    • Technical topics related to Sitecore products.
    • Open questions or help with decisions on current development activities.
    • Ideas for improvement in current project activities.
    • Architectural guidance at the product level.
    • Sitecore recommended practice discussions.
  • Optimization topics - for applicable products.
    • Weekly performance discussions – what worked, what didn’t, and why.
    • Tuning discussions – ideas and suggestions for tests, tweaks, and investigation.
    • Marketing calendar reviews – in-flight campaigns, upcoming campaigns, atypical needs, atypical timing.

The TAM may take part in or facilitate the Customer's business reviews to discuss topics such as:

  • Overall progress on value realization.
  • Details of initiatives and achievements since the last business review.
  • A customer's high-level goals and how to achieve them.
  • Current perceived challenges and actions needed to address them.
  • New features and updates that may benefit the Customer.
  • Notable incidents, support tickets, or use cases.

What activities are in scope of the TAM package?

Typical activities that the named consultant can help with include:

  • Joining customer calls to provide expertise as needed.
  • Conducting deep dive sessions on product usage best practices.
  • Providing architectural guidance.
  • Contributing to planning of customer initiatives.
  • Assisting with designing A/B tests and interpreting the results.
  • Interpreting and presenting data and reports.
  • Facilitating ideation, art of the possible, and operating model workshops with Customer team.
  • Assisting the customer with proof-of-concept development.
  • Bringing information to the Customer team’s attention (product releases, security bulletins, updates, etc.).
  • Investigating technical topics, overall solution health, and otherwise providing technical consulting through screen shares, log file inspection, code reviews, and other appropriate means.
  • Collaborating with Sitecore’s Product Support and Escalation Teams to help clarify and refine support tickets, escalate support tickets, and resolve support issues.

2. General

The Services will be acquired as a pre-paid pool of hours, where the maximum number of hours to be used in a day corresponds to the length of the workday of each individual Sitecore resource engaged as part of this package unless otherwise agreed between the parties. The hours consumed will be counted in time increments of 60 minutes.

Quarterly consumption: Services hours are pre-paid annually and consumed quarterly, with the first quarter starting on the Order Effective Date and ending 3 months thereafter. Any Services hours not consumed within a given quarter will expire. Sitecore is under no obligation to deliver any unused pre-paid Services after expiry and any fees or applicable expenses will remain payable. If a Customer exceeds the number of Services hours in a given quarter, each additional Service hour will be charged based on Sitecore’s then-current hourly rates for the relevant Sitecore Services role, and will be invoiced by Sitecore at the end of such quarter. Sitecore shall provide monthly consumption reporting.

The Fees for the Services do not include any travel, accommodation, and subsistence expenses for onsite visits. Any such visits and associated travel budgets will need to be agreed upon between the Customer and Sitecore for each trip. Sitecore will book economy flight tickets and reasonable option for appropriate 4-star business class hotel. Sitecore will invoice the Customer each month for travel expenses incurred during the preceding month for agreed and approved onsite visits at the Customer’s locations. The remainder of the Services will be performed remotely.

Any produced code and Sitecore configuration performed by Sitecore while delivering the Services will be exclusively for reference and guidance. Customer should perform, and is solely responsible for, proper testing in its environment when using any of the work delivered by Sitecore.

3. Location

For this engagement, Services will be performed remotely. Customer will ensure appropriate level of access and collaboration tools to enable remote assessment and Services.

4. Scheduling

The scheduling details of this engagement must be agreed upon between the parties. The Services will be conducted by suitably qualified and experienced Sitecore consultants in close cooperation with the assigned Customer resources. Sitecore chooses, at its sole discretion, suitable consultants.

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