Sitecore Premier Assure Package

v1.2 (April 2023)

Unless otherwise defined in this document, all capitalized terms used in this document shall have the same meaning as that given in the Order for Services between the Sitecore entity (Sitecore) and the customer (Customer) signing such Order.

1. Overview

There are 4 Premier Assure packages available: small, medium, large, and custom for Sitecore360 with Consulting Services to be delivered on an annually recurring basis. The specific package which will be delivered to Customer is set out in the Order.

What is Premier Assure?

The Premier Assure offering is designed for customers and partners who are technically capable of implementing and developing their target solution and roadmap but want oversight of their work by experienced Sitecore professionals. The Sitecore Premier Assure Services team provides assurance by attaching directly to a customer’s implementation / maintenance team and performs assurance activities as needed. The package is designed to take into account a customer's changing needs over time and adapt activities accordingly. This allows customers and partners to execute their implementation and development strategies with confidence, knowing that Sitecore Premier Assure Services experts are providing oversight.

What is the difference between the small, medium, large, and custom for Sitecore360 packages?

Each Premier Assure package has a different number of points allocated per quarter (“Activity Points”) as set out in the table below.

Assure - Small

Assure - Medium

Assure - Large

Assure – Custom for Sitecore360

20 Activity Points per year (5 per quarter)

40 Activity Points per year (10 per quarter)

80 Activity Points per year (20 per quarter)

Pre-defined custom number of Activity Points per year (evenly spread per quarter). Only available as part of a Sitecore360 package.


Activity Points can be used individually or combined for use in a larger Activity. 


2. Scope

“Activity” means one of the tasks and any associated deliverables from the list of Activities made available as part of the Order. Each Activity consumes a certain number of Activity Points, as detailed in the Order. If no list of Activities is included with the Order, a current list of available Activities and the associated amount of required Activity Points is located here:

A Services Client Manager will be assigned to the Customer to help select and schedule Activities that best suit the Customer, within the allotted quarterly quota in the customer’s package, as set out in the Order for Services.

Customer may choose to allow Solution Partners to participate in scheduled Activities and otherwise collaborate with Sitecore on topics and requirements which are unique to Customer’s project implementation.


  • All interactions must be in English.
  • All work is performed remotely.

3. General

The number of Activity Points available per quarter must be consumed within a given quarter and cannot be carried over to the next quarter, with the first quarter starting on the Order Effective Date and ending 3 months thereafter. The quarterly allowance is indicated in the relevant Premier Assure package description above. Sitecore will work with Customer to schedule Activities to minimize the likelihood of Customer (i) not using all allocated Activity Points; or (ii) exceeding the number of allocated Activity Points during a given quarter.

Any Activity Points not consumed within a given quarter will expire. Sitecore is under no obligation to deliver any unused pre-paid Services after expiry and any outstanding fees or applicable expenses will remain payable. Sitecore shall provide monthly consumption reporting.

Customer agrees to provide the items listed in the “Prerequisites” section of an Activity description no later than 1 week before such Activity is scheduled to start. If the relevant prerequisites are not provided at least 1 week before the scheduled Activity start date, Sitecore and Customer will reschedule the Activity to allow time for the prerequisites to be provided. If Customer fails to provide the relevant prerequisites 1 week before the rescheduled start date, the Activity will not be further rescheduled and Customer agrees that the associated Activity Points will be considered consumed.

The Services are not intended for general product support or critical production support. No service level agreement is associated with the Services. Production and/or urgent issues should be raised under Customer’s Sitecore Support Program (“SSP”). The Premier Assure services exist independently of and cannot replace, accelerate, or enhance the SSP. The Premier Assure Services team assume the Customer and/or their implementation team have working access to the SSP. The Premier Assure services complement the SSP in that the Premier Assure Services team can review and advise about custom implementation approaches in a way that falls outside the scope of the SSP.

The Premier Assure service is an advisory service and cannot provide direct hands-on-keyboard implementation work. Any produced code and Sitecore configuration performed by Sitecore while delivering the Services will be for reference and guidance. Customer should perform proper testing in its environment when using any of the advice provided by Sitecore.

Sitecore cannot provide advice with respect to products and services outside the Sitecore products and services line.