Sitecore360: Expert Services

Unless otherwise defined in this document, all capitalized terms used in this document shall have the same meaning as that given in the Order for Services between the Sitecore entity (Sitecore) and the customer (Customer) signing such Order.

1. Overview

The Expert Services (the “ESS Package”) provides access to the Sitecore Consulting Services team to answer questions on topics related to the implementation of Customer’s Sitecore Product. The ESS Package is designed to complement partner and/or Customer internal development teams focused on Sitecore Products and provides advisory expertise with respect to individual customer solutions and implementations, recommendations of best practices, formulating architectural approaches based on business needs, and helping troubleshoot issues that arise during the development stage or post-development use of the Sitecore Products.

2. Scope

The Services are to be delivered on an annually recurring basis. The specific number of Services hours which will be delivered to Customer is set out in the applicable Order for Services. The ESS Package is provided through access to Sitecore’s Consulting Services team via an online portal (the details of which will be provided to Customer on or immediately after the Order Effective Date) for questions and guidance on implementation architecture, workflow, best practices, and troubleshooting. This may include topics such as:

  • Implementation details
  • Installation and configuration
  • DevOps and SDLC
  • Integrations
  • Architectural decisions
  • Upgrade considerations
  • Product guidance

The online portal allows for documentation of questions and responses, acknowledgement of receipt, routing based on topics, and retention of prior interaction outcomes. Customers may choose to allow solution partners to participate in scheduled activities and otherwise collaborate with Sitecore on topics and requirements which are unique to a Customer’s project implementation.

The ESS Package is provided as monthly hours, as specified in the Order for Services.

  • All interactions must be in English.
  • All work is performed remotely.

3. General

The Services will be acquired as a pre-paid pool of hours, where the maximum number of hours to be used in a day corresponds to the length of the workday of each individual Sitecore resource engaged as part of this package unless otherwise agreed between the parties. The hours consumed will be counted in time increments of 60 minutes. 

Services hours must be consumed on a quarterly basis, with the first quarter starting on the Order Effective Date and ending 3 months thereafter. The quarterly allowance is called out in the Order for Services. Hours consumed will be counted in 15-minute increments, and 8 hours is the maximum number of hours to be used in a day unless otherwise agreed between the parties.

Any Services hours not consumed within a given quarter will expire. Sitecore is under no obligation to deliver any unused pre-paid Services after expiry and any outstanding fees or applicable expenses will remain payable. Sitecore shall provide monthly consumption reporting.

If a Customer exceeds the number of Services hours in a given quarter, each additional Service hour will be charged based on Sitecore’s then-current hourly rates for the relevant Sitecore Services role, and will be invoiced by Sitecore at the end of such quarter.

The fees for the Services do not include any travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses for onsite visits. Where onsite visits are contemplated in the Order, such visits and associated travel budgets will need to be agreed upon between the Customer and Sitecore for each trip. Sitecore will book economy flight tickets and cheapest option for appropriate 4-star business class hotel. Sitecore will invoice the Customer each month for travel expenses incurred during the preceding month for agreed and approved onsite visits at the Customer’s locations. The remainder of the Services will be performed remotely. 

The Services are not intended for general product support or critical production support. No service level agreement is associated with the Services provided under the ESS Package. Production and/or urgent issues should be raised under Customer’s Sitecore Support Program (“SSP”). The ESS Package exist independently of and cannot replace, accelerate, or enhance the SSP. The Consulting Services team assume the Customer and/or their implementation partner have working access to the SSP. The ESS Package complements the SSP. The Consulting Services team can review and advise about business optimization approaches in a way that falls outside the scope of the SSP.

The ESS Package interactions occur primarily through the online portal. Sitecore will propose and mutually agree with Customer on calls or screen shares when appropriate based on the conversation in the online portal messages. All interactions should be related to Sitecore projects the Customer of the ESS Package is engaged in.

The ESS Package is an advisory service and cannot provide direct hands-on-keyboard implementation work. Any produced code and Sitecore configuration performed by Sitecore while delivering the Services will be for reference and guidance. Customer should perform proper testing in its environment when using any of the advice provided by Sitecore.

Sitecore cannot provide advice with respect to products and services outside the Sitecore Products and services line.

v1.0 (August 2022)