“How can we improve customer satisfaction?” “How can we personalize the customer experience?” Sitecore’s recently-launched mini webinar “XM Cloud: Modernizing the customer experience” designed for marketers answers the questions around which every marketing challenge revolves nowadays.

As more brands compete for public attention, and more options become readily available, delivering exceptional customer experiences is a way of standing out from your competitors and fostering long-term customer loyalty.

And that’s where XM Cloud comes in. According to Gartner, cloud computing’s popularity is growing exponentially, and 90% of data analytics workloads are expected to shift to the cloud over the next few years.

Cloud technology revolutionizes the customer experience by providing businesses with innovative tools and capabilities, offering scalability, flexibility, accessibility, personalization, integration, collaboration, and continuous innovation. And this is the key to delivering exceptional customer experiences, gaining a competitive edge, and fostering long-term customer loyalty.

The value of enhancing customer experience

With customers today increasingly expecting relevant, unique experiences from brands, the level of engagement must go beyond the basics to include elements that generate deep satisfaction and delight. And all your touchpoints should reflect your brand’s persona to create a memorable and consistent business image.

But does your organization fulfill your customers’ expectations? In this informative webinar, Chris Purcell, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Sitecore, shares some eye-opening stats: while 80% of companies believe they deliver super experiences, only 8% of customers agree.

Companies that close this so-called Innovation Achievement gap are those that master adoption and create a strategic path that includes future systems such as cloud technology, driving brand loyalty. And this loyalty translates into growth.

Seize the opportunity to modernize

The massive growth of content marketing is leading companies to realize that creating content is not enough. According to PWC’s customer experience research, 65% of surveyed U.S. consumers rate positive brand experiences as more important than great advertising in influencing their purchasing decisions. Globally, 73% of respondents rate positive brand experiences as a core driver of brand loyalty.

That loyalty translates into conversions. With an unprecedented and accelerating demand for engaging and personalized content, across more channels, in more formats, and in real-time, the challenge is to be exceptional and unique.

How do you cut through the noise and deliver genuinely impactful content that makes an impression?

The answer lies in the creation of a seamless flow across all your channels. Which means that you need to take control of your content.

While the rise of cloud solutions has been growing steadily over the years, with major businesses across various industries adopting them, there isn’t a lot of awareness of the numerous benefits of moving to the cloud.

Purcell explains how with the use of cloud-based tools, marketers have better control over their marketing and business content, a strategy that comes with various opportunities and quantitative and qualitative benefits. Creating connected experiences for your customers can only be achieved by choosing a composable solution, and XM Cloud can help drive your experience modernization.

Modernize the customer experience today

Success can be achieved only by providing digital experiences that stand out. By modernizing the customer experience, you will align with changing customer expectations, increase customer satisfaction and engagement, and enable data-driven decision-making.

Looking to build stronger relationships with your customers and drive long-term success? Get more details by watching this Sitecore mini-webinar to learn how XM Cloud provides the technology, expertise, and scale to support your goals.

Sophie Krokida is a Content Writer at Sitecore. Connect with her on LinkedIn.