In a world where consumer attention spans last just three seconds, the challenge retailers face isn't solely about creating content anymore. It's a lot more complex. Think skillfully orchestrating that content across multiple channels, diverse geographical areas, specific audience groups, and various devices, all while staying true to the brand's identity, navigating a complex web of compliance standards, and delivering everything at the speed of sound.

Clearly, omnichannel no longer cuts it. Instead, channel-less digital experiences are emerging as the future standard in customer engagement. However, realizing the potential of channel-less digital experiences is no small feat. For complex, modern brands, managing a channel-less go-to-market strategy can be an operational nightmare due to a range of factors including de-centralized assets, siloed systems and disconnected content and data, lack of streamlined go-to-market, legacy systems creating innovation roadblocks and inability to scale, lack of central content repository, and lack of brand control.

So, what happens when brands modernize their digital experience capabilities?

Modernizing your digital experience capabilities will enable modern content orchestration to power limitless commerce go-to-market strategies, so that you can:

  • Optimize your content velocity
  • Orchestrate all your digital experiences
  • Monetize everything, everywhere
  • Improve both ROI and digital performance via agile, scalable cloud-native tech
  • Achieve flexibility and agility, experiencing productivity gain in IT thanks to modern, cloud-native tech
  • Deliver the experiences your customers expect

Illustrating the transformative power of modernized digital experiences, the following five Sitecore customers have not only accelerated their digital transformations but have also elevated their customer experiences across every touchpoint.

5 Sitecore customers transforming retail experiences:

1. Bachman's grows e-commerce sales 6.31% and raises conversion rates 9.92%

Capturing the in-store experience of a high-end retailer and replicating it online can be a challenge, but the leading floral, home and garden center, Bachman’s, is succeeding. Driven by a 400% shift to online retail and younger customer demands for improved mobile experiences and delivery options, Bachman’s redeveloped its online platform to deliver an enhanced digital shopping experience capable of ongoing innovation. With Sitecore’s composable and SaaS technology, Bachman’s has increased time on site, new visits, conversion rates, and average order values.

2. L'Oréal harnesses the power of generative AI at scale, saving 120,000 hours of webmastering

L’Oréal is the world’s leading beauty group, with €38 billion in sales and more than 6.5 billion products sold globally. To ensure consumers can find the information they need online, the company needed to enhance SEO, which involved rewriting hundreds of thousands of meta titles and descriptions. To achieve this at scale, the company leveraged its composable Sitecore architecture to integrate an AI solution. By automating the meta-tagging process, L’Oréal has saved 120,000 hours of webmastering and improved their SEO.

3. Jonastone drives a 25% increase in revenue

Jonastone needed to offer an online experience that matched or even surpassed its in-store experience. Product presentation had to be supported by contextual and helpful content on product pages and in cart. Delivery times had to be specific to coincide with build schedules. Getting new products to market quickly was also a crucial requirement. A multilanguage capability was also necessary to serve the company’s pan-European market. […]

Jonastone is now using Sitecore as the foundation of its new website. The marketing team can customize and launch content quickly to all countries while making it easier for IT to test and deploy new features because of Sitecore and its multilanguage capability.

4. Big Lots increases overall site revenue by 25%

Big Lots, an American furniture and home décor retailer, came to Sitecore frustrated with both their shoppers’ commerce experience, as well as their employees’ ability to manage it. […] Sitecore offered the capabilities they needed to intelligently personalize their shoppers’ experience, and the tools and systems to back it up. Big Lots now has an automated approach to personalizing search and product recommendations to improve the customer experience and increase conversion, achieving a remarkable 25% increase in overall site revenue. And by streamlining their website’s technology with a single personalization solution, Big Lots streamlined their tech stack.

5. JD Finish Line expands digital transformation and grows revenue

The excitement of getting your hands on the very latest sneakers and sportswear from brands like Nike, Adidas, Jordan, Converse, and Vans is just a taste of what shoppers can expect when they enter a JD Finish Line store or shop online. To further improve the digital customer experience and drive forward its digital transformation strategy, JD Finish Line has rolled out a Sitecore-powered product search and merchandising solution. Now shoppers get an even more compelling customer experience which is helping JD Finish Line increase sales and revenue per online visit.

By choosing Sitecore, these retailers have not only accelerated their digital transformations but have also elevated customer experiences across every touchpoint.

Our customers have the tools needed for intelligent content orchestration to power experiences that convert everywhere. Retailers can:

  • Modernize DAM: Centralize assets for delivery anywhere
  • Modernize CMS: Create and deliver personalized experiences
  • Modernize Commerce: Develop and deliver unique ecommerce experiences across any channel or touchpoint
  • Deliver scalable, performance experiences via cloud-native architecture: Ensure more time for innovation and less time for maintenance
  • Incorporate AI-powered efficiencies: Drive intelligent content management, commerce operations, and experience

As we navigate this new year, let these stories inspire you to reimagine your retail journey with Sitecore, where success becomes more than just a possibility – it becomes a reality.


Sitecore is a proud, inaugural member of the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program. Bringing the speed, power, and agility of Microsoft’s AzureAI to the Sitecore platform, we enable retailers to deliver personalized shopping experiences at scale. Join Sitecore and Microsoft at NRF 2024 at the Javits Convention Center in New York City from January 14-16 to continue exploring how AI can create efficiencies and scale the delivery of channel-less, personalized digital experiences in retail. Book a meeting with us on site today.

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Kayla Bryant is Marketing Programs Director, Commerce at Sitecore. Connect with her on LinkedIn