The Sitecore OrderCloud product team continues innovating and launching new features that help Sitecore customers deliver the best commerce experiences possible. We’re pleased to present a quick overview of recent updates and innovations in OrderCloud, focusing on ways to simplify guided buying experiences for customers and resources to ease the onboarding experience for developers.

Recent developments in Sitecore OrderCloud

Product Collections

Enhanced Product Collections is a new addition to OrderCloud. It is a resource that enables buyers to save a list of products. With the new enhancements, Product Collections can now be shared privately or publicly. There are many different types of use cases available. Common collections could include:

  • Private lists like “save for later”
  • Privately shared wishlists
  • Shareable wishlists
  • Gift registry
  • Buying lists

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Product bundles

Bundles are a curated collection of two or more products that are typically offered at a lower combined price. This strategic approach presents a great opportunity for retailers to promote items that are related or complementary to each other.

From a customer’s perspective, the appeal of bundles lies in the simplicity and convenience they offer. Customers appreciate the ease of identifying products that pair well together, saving them the time and effort of searching for them individually. Bundling enhances the shopping experience, making it more efficient and enjoyable.

Bundles can be an effective tool for upselling and cross-selling, thereby increasing the average order value. By grouping products together, customers are encouraged to purchase additional items that they might not have considered buying separately.

Another innovative aspect of bundling is the option to configure bundles as a subscription service. This provides customers with an automated, hassle-free way to receive their favorite bundled products regularly. Subscription-based bundles (or “rundles” – recurring bundles) can foster customer loyalty and generate consistent revenue for retailers.

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Sitecore OrderCloud on Cloud Portal

OrderCloud, which is part of Sitecore Commerce Cloud, continues to deliver amazing commerce experiences for customers worldwide. We’re excited to share that OrderCloud is on the Sitecore Cloud Portal, which is designed to be a central location to manage the administration of Sitecore products. It delivers an intuitive user interface that spans other Sitecore SaaS products, making them easily accessible in the portal.


OrderCloud Marketplace management

For Sitecore Cloud Portal customers, the dashboard on the OrderCloud Marketplace is a user-friendly interface designed to ease the onboarding experience for developers. Once logged in, customers and partners can easily reach crucial areas. The dashboard’s design is centered around providing a smooth start for new users by offering readily available resources for OrderCloud implementations.


What’s available today includes:

  • Getting started resources
    • Guided checklist – This helpful resource is designed to help set up an OrderCloud Marketplace.
    • Permissions control to ensure a development team or solution partner can enable the correct API role access.
  • OrderCloud implementation resources
    • Extensive resources, such as API reference, knowledge base articles, and release notes. These are valuable resources when first learning and understanding OrderCloud.
  • Personalized user experience
    • Everyone wants personalized experiences. We know with OrderCloud, there's no exception. Current options include the ability to switch the dashboard on the OrderCloud homepage to dark mode. With this mode enabled, it can reduce the strain on your eyes, especially in low-light conditions.
    • Easy navigation back to the Sitecore Cloud Portal and other tenants.
  • Identity management
    • Once logged into the Sitecore Cloud Portal, you can easily access other Sitecore products you are authorized to use or switch between multiple OrderCloud Marketplaces.

OrderCloud Docs Search

The documentation site for OrderCloud now offers the ability to access a beta version of AI Search. With AI Search, OrderCloud developers and business users can search for helpful information by simply typing in their questions and results are returned instantly. Content is shown in the same modal window as the AI Search prompt area.

3a-OrderCloud-docs-search.jpg 3b-OrderCloud-docs-search.jpg 

Also, OrderCloud Docs Search will display a “People also ask” list of questions for areas to explore based on your search request.


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