Sitecore is proud to share that we’re broadening our strategic relationship with Microsoft as an inaugural member of the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner program.

This expanded alliance means we’re furthering integration with Sitecore's industry-leading digital experience platform and Microsoft Azure's ecosystem of AI-driven cloud services. It also means there will be even more benefits for our customers across the globe.

As this long-standing journey with Microsoft continues to deepen, Sitecore customers will benefit from the ability to deliver channel-less experiences that are hyper-personalized, powered by data insights and automation from two trusted technology leaders.

We’re proud to share that today’s announcement brings the speed, power, and agility of Microsoft’s AzureAI to the Sitecore platform, enabling retailers to deliver personalized shopping experiences at scale.

And by combining Microsoft Azure’s cutting-edge AI capabilities with Sitecore’s seamless, headless architecture, brands will have the technology to engage with customers in real-time across channels, while optimizing operations from source to sale.

Microsoft & Sitecore – 20 years and growing

Sitecore and Microsoft have shared a vision for the future of digital consumer experiences for more than 20 years, which has defined our long-standing collaboration that continues to reinvent retail.

The Sitecore content-to-commerce portfolio was built on Microsoft technology from day one, leveraging the cloud platform’s ecosystem of scalable storage, automation, and application deployment across the globe.

By integrating Microsoft's leading AzureAI technology into Sitecore’s content and commerce solutions, joint customers will be able to unlock new levels of personalization and efficiency.

Brands can build deeper consumer connections through hyper-targeted campaigns and offers. Meanwhile, intelligent workflows, automated marketing, and AI-optimized operations provide streamlined back-end management and endless potential for innovation.

The combination of our digital content and commerce platforms with the speed, scalability, and AI capabilities of Microsoft Azure can empower brands to create truly frictionless, data-driven, and channel-less customer experiences that were not previously possible.

Our continued commitment to our customers

This expanded partnership is part of our continued commitment to providing innovative martech solutions that help brands deliver personalized, engaging customer experiences.

As consumer behaviors and demands rapidly evolve, we know and understand that brands need flexible solutions that can integrate with existing tech stacks and be updated without downtime.

As we continue to be a global leader in end-to-end digital experience management software, Sitecore is always refining its offering of SaaS tools and cloud-native services with a composable architecture to support integration and scalability.

We will continue to expand our partnerships and prioritize building out our product portfolio to provide brands with the comprehensive capabilities required to capitalize on new opportunities.

Owen Taraniuk is Senior Vice President of Global Partners at Sitecore. Connect with him on LinkedIn.