Sitecore Design Studio

Thank you for helping us pass along the Sitecore story. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to present our brand in the best way possible. This brand reference guide highlights some of our basic design elements and how to use them.

Brand purpose and position

The digital experience leader who creates human connections in a digital world

Leading organizations turn to Sitecore to create meaningful connections with their customers. We amplify the impact of digital experiences by orchestrating content, personalization, commerce, and customer data into insights that deliver the best possible experience.

Master message

Own the Experience®

Sitecore creates human connections between brands and their customers via digital experiences that leverage end-to-end content, seamless commerce and continuous personalization to enable organizations to thrive in a world, where without a superior customer experience, there is no product.

Logo cautions and misuse

The Sitecore logo is an important part of our brand. We work hard to maintain its integrity and consistency by avoiding improper uses and ensuring the logo is presented in its full, unaltered format even when among other elements, images, or logos.


Be sure the latest version of the logo is being used, discard any older versions. The tagline is no longer a part of our standard formatting. Do not use the tagline lockup or add a tagline to the logo.


DO NOT shrink the logo for any reason. Always ensure the logo has not been stretched or altered in any way from the original.


DO NOT stretch the logo for any reason. Always ensure the logo has not been stretched or altered in any way from the original.


DO NOT rotate the logo mark from its original position.


DO NOT custom color the logo. Always ensure the logo color is formatted according to one of the approved formats and presented properly.


DO NOT add special effects, gradations or dimension to the logo. The logo mark details need to be clearly maintained, especially the separation lines between the elements. Proper contrast and a clean, flat presentation helps to maintain the logo's integrity.


DO NOT change the format of the logo mark and logotype to generate new lockups. Please contact Sitecore Design Studio for approved options, permissions and special formats if the standard configuration does not work for your particular needs.


DO NOT place the logo over busy images or complex patterns. Use the solid white or black logo when the background allows for proper contrast. The logo's shapes and details should always be clearly visible.

Logo mark


DO NOT outline the icon. The logo mark should only be presented using approved solid colors to ensure that all of the elements are always clearly defined.


DO NOT customize the individual shapes of the logo mark. The logo mark should always be presented in solid approved colors such as red, white, charcoal and black.


DO NOT introduce overlapping or disruptive elements that alter the logo mark. The logo should always be presented in its original format to maintain brand value.


Always be sure to check the integrity of the logo mark, particularly when working with vector artwork. If the logo elements have shifted position or altered shape in any way, replace the logo with original artwork and eliminate damaged or corrupt files as well as any instances within your templates or layouts.

Brand elements

Below are the basics on our brand fonts and colors. For more information and examples, including our iconography and photography, please download and refer to our Visual Identity Guide.

Primary typeface

Sitecore primary typeface

Typography is an essential part of a design system as it helps to unify our messaging and create familiarity. Avenir Next LT Pro is Sitecore’s corporate typeface. The word avenir is French for “future,” which we feel is fitting as we evolve to a more modern identity. Avenir Next is friendly, straightforward, and its design complements the larger design system. The primary use of this typeface in our design system is made up of three weights: Regular, DemiBold, and Bold. Be sure to work with our licensed copy of Avenir Next LT Pro when creating projects internally or as a freelance vendor to ensure all files utilize the same version of the font. A webfont version of Avenir Next LT Pro is also available for Sitecore projects upon request.

Sitecore uses the Open Sans family as its cross-platform font for PowerPoint, Keynote, Word documents and other templates that require a common font to be specified.

Primary brand colors


Hex: FE2911
RGB: 254, 41,17
CMYK: 0, 94, 100, 0
Pantone: Bright Red C


Hex: 1CA6A3
RGB: 28, 166, 163
CMYK: 77, 13, 40, 0
Pantone: 3272 C


Hex: 232323
RGB: 35, 35, 35
CMYK: 71, 65, 64, 72
Pantone: 3272 C


Hex: 000000
RGB: 0, 0, 0
CMYK: 75, 68, 67, 90
Pantone: Black 6 C


RGB: 255, 255, 255
CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0
Pantone: N/A


Hex: F0F0F0
RGB: 240, 240, 240
CMYK: 3, 2, 2, 0
Pantone: 427 C


RGB: 204, 204, 204
CMYK: 19, 15, 15, 0
Pantone: Cool Gray 3 C


Hex: 999999
RGB: 153, 153, 153
CMYK: 43, 35, 35, 0
Pantone: Cool Gray 6 C


Hex: 707070
RGB: 112, 112, 112
CMYK: 57, 48, 48, 15
Pantone: 424 C


Hex: 333333
RGB: 51, 51, 51
CMYK: 69, 63, 62, 58
Pantone: 446 C

Our palette is simple, bold, and confident. Ample white space allows our colors to pop. The red and teal should be used sparingly, while the range of grays provide flexibility and create hierarchy. We should utilize high contrast color combinations to create a bold look and meet accessibility requirements. The full spectrum of gray shades are available as needed to ensure readability, contrast and variety. Use the specified gray shades first, then customize gray mixes as needed, always maintaining an equal value of RGB = R:100, G=100, B=100.

Additional resources

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For additional information about the Sitecore brand or to request access to any of our brand elements, templates, fonts, images and video, please contact [email protected].