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Press Release dinsdag, januari 19, 2021
Sitecore haalt investeringsplan van 1,2 miljard dollar binnen om groei te versnellen

Press Release woensdag, oktober 28, 2020
Sitecore maakt de winnaars bekend van de Ultimate Experience Award 2020

Press Release dinsdag, oktober 27, 2020
AI-Powered Auto Personalization is voortaan standaard in Sitecore's toonaangevende Digital Experience Platform

Press Release vrijdag, oktober 28, 2022
Sitecore 2022 Ultimate Experience Award Winners Announced

Winners Revealed at Sitecore Symposium 2022

Press Release woensdag, oktober 19, 2022
Marketers bullish on metaverse, predicting wide-spread adoption, but need to educate consumers

91% plan to invest a portion of their marketing budget within the next five years However, 65% feel that consumers don’t fully understand the concept of the metaverse

Press Release woensdag, oktober 19, 2022
Meeting Metaverse in the Moment: Sitecore’s 2022 Perceptions of the Metaverse Report Shows Consumers Are Ready (and Expect) to Engage Brands in New Virtual Environments

Report reveals how U.S. consumers will shop, share and engage with brands in virtual environments, how today's marketers plan to deliver exceptional experiences Nearly all consumers (87%) say the metaverse will play a significant role in the way that they shop and interact with brands. Four in five consumers (79%) expect to spend more time in the metaverse than on social media apps, like Facebook and Instagram. Three in four marketers (69%) plan to build experiences in metaverse-like environments in 2023. Of those, half (48%) plan to invest up to a quarter (10-25%) of their marketing budgets in metaverse experiences.

Press Release dinsdag, oktober 18, 2022
Sitecore Releases Three New Public Cloud Products and Services That Eliminate CX Barriers and Deepen Customer Engagement

Showcased at Sitecore Symposium 2022, these product offerings disrupt the CX status quo – from AI-powered Sitecore Search that enables smarter content discovery to Content Hub One, an innovative, headless CMS system allowing for agile experience delivery across multiple digital touchpoints, and more

Press Release dinsdag, oktober 18, 2022
Accenture and Sitecore Enhance Business Partnership to Help Organizations Transform Digital Experiences

Companies have worked with hundreds of clients, including CNH Industrial and Iveco Group to create more personalized and relevant connections with their customers and accelerate business growth

Press Release dinsdag, oktober 4, 2022
Secret Shopping During the Workday, Self-Loathing for Self-Gifting, Side Hustling and More: Sitecore 2022 U.S. Holiday Report Exposes the Reality of Holiday Shopping

One in four (22%) Americans will spend less on gifts this holiday season One in five will sell possessions (15%) or take on more hours at work (17%) to afford holiday shopping this year 62% of workers admit to holiday shopping during the workday; 36% use a secret browser to do so Half (49%) make purchases to distract themselves or feel better about what’s happening in the world; yet, two in five (36%) hide gifts they bought for themselves because they’re ashamed of self-shopping