Bringing together disparate brands and websites

Atkore has more than 27 US brands, each of which had its own website. With different technology landscapes, operational processes, and vendors involved, Atkore was unable to provide customers with a consistent experience across its different products and channels. This disparate approach also led to organizational silos, which impacted efficiency.

Atkore decided to embark on a digital transformation, with the primary objective of enhancing customer journeys by prioritizing empathy, consistency, and efficiency, which in turn will cultivate trust, authenticity, and customer loyalty. Its transformation also needed to align with the company’s cloud-first IT strategy.


A unified, composable approach

Atkore partnered with Sitecore to take a more unified approach to its online presence. The company selected Sitecore solutions due to their functional and technical fit, but also for Sitecore’s product vision. The next-generation Atkore.com is built on a composable approach using Sitecore solutions, including XM Cloud for SaaS-based, centralized content management, and Sitecore Content Hub DAM to integrate digital assets and product content. Together, the solutions enable a unified website that brings all brands under one umbrella. With digital assets such as product information and catalogs all centralized, Atkore has accelerated information access for customers.

The company is also using Sitecore OrderCloud to offer shopping cart functionality, which will be extended in phase two of the project to enable future-proofed and scalable commerce.

Atkore now has a connected web platform that consolidates all its North American websites into one, providing customers with a comprehensive, searchable view of Atkore’s brands, products, content, tools, and resources.


Efficient processes, connected experiences

The new Atkore website provides customers with a consistent, connected experience, enabling them to search for products and submit a single request for quotes across more than 700 product categories and all 27 brands. Atkore has also improved the visitor experience with five-times faster page loads and 90% of pages now loading within a second.

Centralized marketing content, product content, and digital assets have helped the company eliminate internal silos and duplication of effort. And with content deployments taking just five minutes, it has also boosted agility and efficiency.

With future-proof digital foundations in place, Atkore’s composable journey has just started. The company is continuing to focus on delivering exceptional personalized user journeys and experiences, and expanding its approach to incorporate international brands and sites.