Turning prospects into loyal customers

These days, the success of major retailers frequently depends upon their digital capabilities. So, to boost lead generation, drive website traffic, and create more high-value customers, Sephora developed a multichannel strategy with email marketing at the top of the agenda.

The company recognized that with powerful, effective email campaigns, it would be able to connect more frequently with its customers, and provide relevant content to keep them engaged and boost revenues. Sephora was also keen to address cart abandonment rates with automated, targeted, and timely emails.

Sephora’s existing email marketing solution was no longer meeting its needs, however, making it hard to achieve these goals. To help increase website traffic and turn browsers into loyal customers, Sephora needed a new email marketing solution that offered greater flexibility, scalability, and the latest AI-driven capabilities for personalization.


Targeted, automated email campaigns

Sephora selected Moosend to underpin its email marketing capabilities, due to its powerful, AI-driven features and Moosend’s understanding of e-commerce.

The beauty company has set up email automation workflows with Moosend to encourage customers to complete transactions. If a customer adds products to their online basket but fails to checkout, Sephora automatically sends a timely email featuring a coupon code to remind them to complete their purchase.

To ensure customers only receive relevant emails, the beauty company is segmenting its customers with Moosend. Customers are not only segmented by standard demographics, but also by their behavior and interests to enable more targeted campaigns.


Boosting customer engagement and sales

Sephora has successfully increased website visits by 5% with its intelligent email marketing strategy delivered by Moosend.

The company’s automated emails are well-received by customers and help to enhance engagement. Sephora’s segmentation strategy has increased overall email open rates from 17% to 40%, and ensures that customers only receive relevant and personalized content, which is vital to capture their attention with today’s overloaded inboxes. The company has also reduced cart abandonment rates and increased revenue with its automated purchase completion emails.

With the technology foundations in place with Moosend, Sephora can now focus on expanding its email marketing strategy to continue to keep customers engaged as their needs evolve.