Beijer Electronics unites global information and delivers a cohesive experience

Many global companies that grow through acquisition also accumulate a large portfolio of legacy technology. Headquartered in Sweden, Beijer Electronics, an industrial automation and data communications firm, is one of those companies. After assessing 20 company websites, more than a half-dozen ERP systems, and an antiquated CMS, Beijer modernized with a Microsoft-centric stack. Sitecore was chosen not just as a web CMS, but also as an integration platform and foundation for experience management.

Working closely with valued Sitecore partner Kodexe, Beijer integrated Sitecore with its new enterprise-wide ERP system, Microsoft SharePoint, and InRiver PIM. Already, Sitecore pages are dynamically populated with technical data, images, and marketing descriptions from the PIM system. The next step will be to use the experience capabilities in Sitecore 8.1 to provide personalized and relevant information to customers, help with product selection and self-configuration, and trim 20 sites to 10 and eventually to three.