Customer-first focused content and information architecture

Sitecore transformed its own digital presence to be the best possible showcase for what its own technology could do — from 1:1 personalization at scale to serving up the right customer content at the most relevant time. In collaboration with Valtech, Sitecore used real-life customer journeys and input from customers, the Sitecore community, partners, and internal stakeholders to build a detailed picture of why and how the website is used, where users go, and what they want. By mapping and analyzing customer journeys, the team highlighted and deepened Sitecore's understanding of the hurdles different personas encounter online.  

The customer journey map became a huge tapestry that showed all of the ways customers were trying to interact with us on the website, and the questions they were asking at each stage. That became a rallying point for this entire project.

Paige O’Neill

Chief Marketing Officer,

Company Size

1,400 employees




United States