Why we’re doing this

Our goal is to provide a transparent customer experience that proves Sitecore’s ability to deliver on what we promise, and we want to do that, wherever possible, using our technologies and frameworks.

Sitecore XP has a great set of tools for personalization and testing, and we use them regularly across sitecore.com. From pattern matching and campaigns to visit number and geo IP, the personalization options that XP affords allow us to create highly targeted content for the segments we are trying to reach at specific times and on specific pages.

The addition of Sitecore CDP to our product suite allows us to take our customer journeys to the next level. CDP lets us merge customer interactions (both online and offline) into a unified database, which in turn allows us to provide the kind of empathetic and helpful experience we’re striving for across multiple touchpoints throughout the customer’s journey. It will also provide us with more data, experimentation, and testing options as well as a new set of intelligent decisioning tools.

Sitecore Personalize offers us a new way of providing a relevant experience and recommended the next step to a site visitor. Being independent of the page visited, we can welcome the visitor, suggest content, or drive them towards a conversion regardless of which page they are on. We can craft a personalized experience that is site-wide, available in a specific section, or along a specific journey such as a set of campaign pages.

Sitecore’s DX Team is always looking to innovate to provide a better experience for our customers and teams; the integration of Personalize and CDP into our Martech stack is an exciting and necessary part of that goal. Furthermore, as we look forward to a future where we will migrate from Sitecore XP to XM Cloud, future-proofing our team and our journeys by implementing CDP and Personalize assures us that we will not lose our valuable optimization results.

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How we’re doing this

Like all good DX projects: in stages. We’re starting with Sitecore Personalize, which will allow us to provide personalized experiences to segments across the entirety of the website or a selected set of pages. This is a functionality that our customer base has been clamoring for and we’re just as excited as you are to get started with it.

As we’ve mentioned, our goal is to make Sitecore.com an outstanding case study of our methods and technologies. That’s another reason we’re starting with Personalize – to demonstrate a series of use cases for Personalize and XP working together. We’ll be leading with custom-designed flyouts, combining the core functionalities of Personalize and XP to provide excellent experiences both on individual web pages and across the entirety of our site.

Once we have Personalize up and running, we’ll turn our attention to the full adoption of Sitecore CDP, which will provide us with omnichannel retargeting and data integration.

We are excited to take this journey, and in doing so, to share our insights and best practice with you, our customers. Check back regularly for updates on Sitecore.com/DX.