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Ferrara is a full service, omni channel agency that's founded on the quality of their thinking, creating smart solutions for their clients. They are passionate and relentless in building enormously successful and enduring brands & experiences with quality inputs, that can create more powerful outputs. Building with tools like Sitecore, enables them to create great products and the flexibility that is required for their clients.

They have a specialty for brand planning and management that dove tails with their category and core competencies in CPG, OTC, Healthcare, and Food & Beverage— bringing work to life across media and channel types including, digital channels, TV, Video, print, in-store and professional marketing services with an unwavering commitment to business success. Their Sitecore work covers both frameworks for their clients business needs, using the power of the CMS to enable content authoring and editing that helps outsmart their challenges. They have a 25 year heritage in Princeton NJ & now as a part of Pure Red, a company that is both big in its thinking and the execution of their work.

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