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Managing marketing content

Making the case for a content hub

Convinced your organization could benefit from a hub for your marketing content, but unsure how to convince others? Leverage these insights and get ready to enter a new era in marketing.

Chapter 1

The case for better quality

How can you quantify quality? Think of the impact that better briefings and review processes, faster digital asset accessibility, and more controlled permissions might have on your marketing operations.

With clear, actionable deliverables from the start, marketing content that’s easy to find, and access limited to approved materials and source files, you’ll prevent duplication of efforts and yield consistent results.

Chapter 2

The case for greater speed

Effectively turning innovation and market insight into revenue is the definition of time to market. Keep your marketing team up to speed by leveraging tools that help you organize your strategic marketing efforts, production, and publication.

A well-designed marketing content hub is equipped with these tools and more. It supports, streamlines, and structures the entire creation process so your whole team is agile and feels empowered.

Chapter 3

The case for lower costs

When talking about ROI, cost is the most direct and visible parameter that comes to mind. A good marketing content hub has integrated tools that make your marketing processes more efficient — and naturally, better efficiency translates into greater cost effectiveness.

The cost savings continue once digital marketing assets are produced, thanks to a content hub’s ability to help you efficiently store, find, distribute, and reuse valuable content.

Operational excellence is the result of balanced and optimized quality, speed, and cost.

Chapter 4

The strategic value of operational excellence

Improved marketing operations ultimately result in increased ROI and added value for the company. But operational excellence can deliver other strategic benefits, too.

When you can determine your speed to market with quality levels and costs under control, your business leaders are able to make informed decisions about your initiatives and how they will help achieve strategic goals. It also makes scaling up your marketing operations more predictable.

Chapter 5

Getting stakeholders on board

If leadership still needs convincing that a content hub will deliver measurable value, you can make an airtight business case by presenting tangible benefits that will resonate with each stakeholder.


A content hub empowers operational marketing with tools that make their teams more effective — and make everyone’s job simpler at the same time.


Marketing management can be shown the clear benefits of having a single source of truth for digital assets — optimizing efficiencies, lowering costs, increasing productivity, and speeding up time to market. They’ll also be better able to measure content performance and report it to leadership.


With better, more measurable content insights, leadership will be more confident in marketing management’s ability to execute on their strategic decisions. This will position marketing as a trusted, valued contributor that can deliver when facing business challenges.


A well-designed content hub will leverage proven, modern approaches and technologies. It will be built on a scalable integration model that’s able to accommodate corporate requirements around security and reliability.

Chapter 6

A catalyst for change

Backed up by strategic arguments, a content hub such as the Sitecore Content Hub can be seen as an exciting catalyst for change and growth for all stakeholders involved. When understood as a tool that facilitates, empowers, and enables operational excellence, your marketing organization’s teams can rally around the impactful change that it delivers.

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