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Understanding the end-to-end content lifecycle

How to thrive in a content-driven world

Our first Virtual Marketer Day – held globally on May 20, 2020 – featured sessions from industry-leading experts, exploring the challenges and opportunities today’s content creators and digital marketers are facing. Included among these presentations was that of Sitecore’s Vijayanta Gupta, Global VP of Product & Industry Marketing, on understanding the end-to-end content lifecycle.  

In this supporting guide you’ll get a detailed overview of the pressing topics Gupta discussed during his Virtual Marketer Day session: 

  • How to overcome the challenges of content marketing

  • Why a traditional content management system (CMS) is only part of the solution

  • Where leading companies are investing to transform their content management program

  • Why building experiences that pamper your customers matters most today

Download the guide today and jumpstart the next stage of your digital marketing transformation.  


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