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Legal Hub

Your one-stop shop for Sitecore's legal terms and understanding our customer contract and structure, key policies and compliance

Our Mission

Creating transparency and a great customer experience

Sitecore’s business is helping our customers deliver the best possible experiences for their customers through innovative SaaS-enabled products and services. Similarly, we also want the best customer legal experience, and we aim to be innovative and transparent in our contracts and contracting approach. Our goal is to simplify and make transparent all aspects of your customer journey – including the legal ones.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How does Sitecore’s composable platform work?

    Sitecore's content, engagement and commerce products allow you to follow your customers' journey from search to purchase to post-sale marketing. This is achieved through Sitecore solutions for i) centralizing your digital assets and unifying content planning and production, ii) elevating customer experience by increasing customer engagement through personalised content, and iii) bringing everything together with commerce solutions that unify order management and marketing automation. 

    To this end, we offer standardized products and services, which you can license or purchase via an Order. We provide primarily Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products, but do still offer certain on-premise software products with the additional ability to host that on-prem software in Sitecore’s managed cloud. 
  • What is the legal agreement framework?

    The Agreement between you and Sitecore consist primarily of the Order(s), the MSTC and the DPA. 

    Additional terms and conditions apply to each product type, as set out in the Addenda to the MSTC.

    In respect of products and services you have chosen, the Agreement incorporates by reference any applicable product definitions, service packages, SLAs and/or the Sitecore Usage Policy. 

    Please see a further description of our contract setup as well as a FAQ description of some its key legal concepts and how they apply to you.*

    * If you have a Master Subscription Agreement ("MSA") from 2018 or 2019, and wish to purchase Cloud Products (ie SaaS Products and/or Hosting Services), you can enter into a Cloud Addendum to your MSA instead of a new MSTC. In such case, the contractual framework consists of the Order(s), the existing MSA, the Cloud Addendum and the Data Processing Addendum.
  • How does Sitecore handle and protect customer data?

    Protection of your data and compliance with data protection legislation is of crucial importance to Sitecore and we therefore commit to always handle and protect your data in a transparent manner and within the boundaries of applicable law. This is why we also incorporate security into our products and best practices into everything we do. 

    Sitecore has created a Data Processing Addendum ("DPA") specifically tailored to Sitecore’s cloud products. You can also read more about our approach to security and see our compliance and certifications.

  • Where is my data located?

    Sitecore offers product-specific availability in a number of data centers across the globe to give our customers flexibility on where their data is located. Your data resides in the data center(s) selected by you. Your data within the cloud product will be processed, transferred to and stored wherever you choose to have your data hosted and your data will not be transferred from the data center location chosen by you without your prior consent/instruction.
  • Where are Sitecore teams located?

    Sitecore teams are globally located, in order to provide a “follow the sun” approach to providing continuous business operations.

  • Where can I find further information on Gen AI functionality in Sitecore’s products?

    You can find information about Gen AI Functionality here.
  • What is oneNDA and how does it work?

    Sitecore is now using oneNDA, a crowd-sourced, open-source mutual NDA launched in 2021. Read more about its benefits and how it works here.
  • How do Sitecore partnerships work?

    From solution partners to technology partners to global alliances, Sitecore’s comprehensive range of partnerships covers all of your needs.  More information on Sitecore Partners can be found here.