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Sitecore Content Hub Advantage By EPAM


Content Hub Advantage – Content Planning, Collaboration, and Launch in 10 Weeks

EPAM’s Content Hub Advantage allows customers to quickly stand-up, configure, and launch Content Hub.


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As expectations for the consumer experience continues to rise, organizations need to produce the high-quality content needed to win and retain business while generating the quantity of content required to build personalized omnichannel experiences.

To solve this challenge, Sitecore has revolutionized the way brands deliver innovative customer experiences at scale with Sitecore Content Hub™. This single, integrated solution unifies content planning, production, collaboration, and management.

Are you interested in implementing Sitecore Content Hub but need the solution up and running in a fraction of the time? As a Platinum Sitecore Partner with Content Hub specializations in North America and EMEA, we developed Sitecore Content Hub Advantage by EPAM. This turn-key offering enables our customers to deploy Sitecore Content Hub in 10 weeks.

Experienced with proven results across industries

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Fortune 100 manufacturer

Reduced asset time to market from 6 hours to minutes.

Leading hospitality group

Delivered centralized content to 70 channels.

Top retailer

Developed auto-tagging for a $1.3 billion retailer.

Realize business benefits with Sitecore Content Hub Advantage by EPAM:

  • Accelerated time-to-market
  • Increased reuse of your multichannel assets
  • Increased findability of assets
  • Reduced number of misused assets
  • Reduced digital content production time
  • Improved compliance with privacy and security

Eliminate digital asset management challenges

Organizations are under significant pressure to meet rising consumer expectations, which requires creating new content frequently. This challenge is accompanied by high costs in content production, inefficiencies around collaboration, poor visibility into workflows and tracking, limited analytics of digital asset performance, and most importantly, a slow time to market.

To help organizations meet evolving market demands, and win and retain business, Sitecore Content Hub Advantage by EPAM is designed to help you produce high-quality content with Digital Asset Management and Content Marketing Platform modules. This customizable, production-ready offering gives you:

  • Access to all the assets and content your marketing teams are working on
  • The ability to collaborate on content entry and creation with multiple teams – both internally and externally
  • Easy integration with Sitecore Experience Platform, freeing up IT teams to focus on other projects
  • Templated workflows so Marketing and IT teams can work collaboratively in a streamlined workflow
  • The option to give access to whoever you want so your whole marketing team can be onboarded and become self-sufficient content creators

Built-in features

Branded marketing

Branded marketing Create data migration templates so you can import your existing assets to centrally deliver on-brand marketing content.

Configurations and workflows

The system will be configured to support your taxonomy and content operations workflow.



Our prebuilt integrations to Facebook and LinkedIn can be extended to support your omnichannel strategy.

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Training and education

Your team is operational on Day 1 of launch after hands-on training with our experienced consultants.

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