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Sitecore CDP

Say goodbye to data silos and disjointed customer profiles. Capture, unify, and activate omnichannel customer data with Sitecore CDP.


Get the biggest bang for the buck from your organization’s data assets.

  • Holistic customer profile

    Drive revenue, loyalty, and retention with a single customer view that consolidates real-time and historical data from all online and offline channels.

    holistic customer
  • Data synergy

    Connect data sources across all platforms and channels to turbocharge your ecosystem. Goodbye data silos, hello data harmony.

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  • Audience retargeting

    Convert more customers with precise retargeting, using audience profiles built from your hard-earned data sources. Share with any ad platform or channel.

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  • Protection & security

    Build trust with customers with a privacy by design approach that shows you’re serious about keeping their data secure.

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Strong Data Foundation

Building the business case for a CDP

Standout customer experiences require a strong data foundation. Learn about how a CDP can increase conversion rates and improve customer loyalty.

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Activate your data and content for brilliant experiences

The era of 1:1 marketing is here. Sitecore Personalize is your cloud-native solution for delivering curated experiences to every customer on any channel at scale.

Content Hub

Take charge of your entire content lifecycle. Sitecore Content Hub™ unifies content planning, production, collaboration, and management with a single, integrated solution.