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A new, advanced approach to search and merchandising

  • Deliver real-time search experiences tailored for individual visitors
  • Increase customer engagement to drive higher revenue
  • Provide frictionless customer journeys with personalized search results
  • Strengthen merchandising strategies with search analytics
  • Customize global and local search and merchandising rules


Sitecore Discover

Elevate the commerce search experience

Capture visitors’ intent to provide a tailored digital shopping experience.


Powerful search engagement

Sitecore Discover’s AI displays individualized search results with visual and textual recommendations

Personalized merchandising capabilities

Present products that each unique visitor is most interested in, based on search context

Always improving results

With more visitor interactions, the AI curates more optimized search results to reflect what each visitor needs

Real-time intelligence for search and merchandising

Showcase the most relevant products to individual visitors with AI.

Enhance visitor interactions

Improve digital interactions across every channel. Sitecore Discover continuously connects the dots between clicks, products, and preferences.

Know what visitors need

Every visitor has their own different needs. Deliver optimal search results along with tailored product recommendations to accommodate each visitor's needs.

Convert visitors to customers

Present individualized product search results that each visitor needs in the moment to rapidly convert them to customers.

Accelerate commerce business

Execute more efficient merchandising strategies by learning and predicting customer preferences based on search results.

Comprehensive search and merchandising features

Fuel your commerce business with Sitecore Discover.

Individualized search

Provide 1:1 personal shopping experiences to customers with hyper-individualized search results in real time

Product recommendations

Deliver AI-driven personalized product recommendations based on in-the-moment intent and preferences


Gain insights and build reports on site performance, merchandising, BOPIS, and more to improve commerce strategies

A/B testing for merchandising

Conduct experiments to understand customer behavior and preferences on product merchandising

Category optimization

Develop category pages based on product categories and add dynamic attributes for optimization

Merchandising resources

Add rules, widgets, and algorithmic functions for search on global and local levels

Intent identification

Identify each visitor’s purchase intent automatically to provide a seamless shopping experience

SEO support

Enhance commerce business by improving SEO with pre-generated permutations and contextual keywords

Multi-locale support

Expand business reach internationally with centralized multi-locale support and geo-based personalization and recommendations