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ATL Sitecore Connector

Automate the creation of your multilingual content localization in Sitecore directly from your backend, and take the lead in new markets.


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Content development and management
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Identify markets in new countries to sell your products to local customers, and ATL translates your website, marketing materials, training content, software user interface, product documentation and user manuals — all while fully integrating directly with Sitecore.

Benefits of ATL Connector

Increase productivity

Seamless workflow setup and project management.

Automated content exchange

Source and target content exchanged automatically between Sitecore-TMS.

Real-time preview and monitoring

Efficiently process content quality checks, reviews, and publishing.

More information and documentation

Grow your business globally with translation services and localization integrated with Sitecore.

To learn more about this plugin, please visit :Integration & Configuration Documentation

Sitecore compatibility

Sitecore Experience Manager 6.5 and above

Sitecore Experience Platform 6.5 and above

About the ATL Sitecore Connector

ATL Sitecore Connector

ATL makes your products and services more accessible and globally inclusive through professional translation and localization.

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