Consumers expect brands to deliver accurate personalization, tailor-made content and relevant product recommendations — but in today’s digital world, they also want increased privacy and tightened data controls. For modern marketers, finding the balance between these two competing demands can be a challenge.

Wayin enables non-technical marketers to quickly create interactive customer experiences and securely collect zero-party data. Gathering the data, insights, and permissions needed to power personalized marketing across the customer lifecycle.

Marketers can select from a library of more than 85 pre-built experiences — including surveys, polls, quizzes, sweepstakes, and more — that collect deep, self-reported information on people's motivations, intentions, and interests at scale. These experiences can be rapidly published to any owned, earned, or paid digital channel — including websites, microsites, mobile apps, in-venue screens, or social stories — without the need for custom development work. Experience participants receive immediate value in the form of offers, coupons/discounts, or educational content, while marketers get access to rich, permissioned, time-stamped data that can be imported into any contact management platform, ESP, or cloud and used to build detailed segments and highly targeted future campaigns.

As the traditional web content management industry is being disrupted by the rapid evolution of DXPs which help marketers build impactful, personalized experiences that go beyond web, to support true omni-channel engagement.

Wayin complements Sitecore to empower marketers to rapidly create short-lived interactive experiences that collect zero-party data and ask, rather than infer, facilitating honest, and mutually-beneficial relationships between brands and consumers.

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