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Customer Data Management

Collect, manage, and analyze customer data to form a comprehensive view of each visitor.

Unify the customer journey

Customer data management is key to effectively leveraging data to create impactful customer experiences and drive customer engagement across multiple touchpoints. CDM ensures that all departments have a ‘single source of truth’ and enables sales, marketing, and delivery teams to build better customer experiences based on a holistic customer view.

Customer data management utilizes first-party data sources to build a single customer view, allowing you to create unique customer profiles that speak directly to individual customer needs.

Customer data management is a major component of data governance, and in keeping data security policies compliant with globally evolving customer privacy rights and regulations.

A well-defined CDM can build a technology stack that breaks down silos and improves automation across the organization.

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Sitecore CDP

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is customer data management?

    Customer data management is the company-wide strategy framework, and standard for processing, managing, and utilizing customer data.

  • Why is customer data management important?

    CDM is essential because each customer interaction with a brand provides marketing teams and sales teams with an opportunity to improve customer satisfaction and positively enrich the customer journey. Having a customer data management strategy in place to gather customer information, metrics, and demographics, and a strong framework in place to process and analyze all types of data can help with customer retention as well as attracting new customers.

  • Is customer data management important for data privacy?

    Yes. Organizations that handle any kind of data or use data collection tools in their martech stack have an obligation to protect that user and their customer data from being stolen or lost. Customer data management is a foundational part of data security policies because it protects the organization and its customers with encryption and authentication tools as well as management software.

  • What is a data management platform?

    A data management platform (DMP) is a software system that stores and manages data, typically for digital advertising campaigns. DMPs traditionally use third-party data such as cookies and IP addresses.