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Digital marketing solutions

Connect your brand with customers — for life. Empower your business with digital marketing solutions for creating powerful, personalized customer experiences.

Personalize with precision

Customers in today’s digital era recognize mass-marketing tactics. 

Be at customers’ fingertips

Engage with your customers on their terms by delivering omnichannel experiences across mobile, web, social, and email. 

Deliver digital experiences

Give every customer preferred treatment with the ability to connect customer interactions and tailor content using a unified marketing platform.

Know your customers

Fine-tune your personalization and empower your marketing organization to make business decisions with customer behavior data.

See how our always-on personalization works by following a customer’s journey

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Go to market faster with machine learning insights

Empower your business with data

Make strategic business decisions by connecting customer interactions and creating a 360-degree view into the customer journey.

Work smarter, not harder

Instantly anticipate customer needs and meet them to drive new revenue opportunities.

Generate real-time insights

Gain insights with automated personalization recommendations based on both native and third-party customer data.

See how Sitecore machine learning helps you see more clearly

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Machine learning

Make connections that drive commerce

Shoppers have more choices and control than ever before.

Improve key KPIs

Increase revenue by learning from every interaction and fine-tuning your digital customer experiences.

Serve up the right offers 

Personalize digital shopping experiences before, during, and after transactions by leveraging customer behavior data.

Boost brand loyalty

Improve customer value and promoter scores by making every shopper feel like a preferred customer.

Nestle Purina created a seamless, personalized digital shopping experience

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Solve the content crisis

Customers expect content that adds value to their buyer experience.

Know your content’s ROI

Boost your bottom line with the ability to test content and pinpoint campaign performance successes and failures. 

Skip the back-and-forth

Optimize your marketing workflows and eliminate silos by managing and tracking your content in a single environment.   

Automate content personalization

Orchestrate automated digital experiences based on how, when, where, and why customers are interacting with your brand.

Tackle marketing operations challenges head-on with a content hub

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