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Speed up time-to-market with Sitecore on containers

Jumpstart your learning journey with containers.

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Leverage container technology to increase efficiency

Solve the complexity of your infrastructure and scaling limitations by hosting Sitecore on Docker containers. It allows teams to work closer to DevOps practices and use infrastructure-as-code to make it easier to ship frequent releases without affecting the customer experience on your platform.

Take advantage of the flexibility of Kubernetes for increased deployment options, easier scaling and monitoring, rollout deployments without downtime and optimising on infrastructure costs. In this webinar you will learn how Sitecore leverages container technology to run a Sitecore environment and how you can get started quickly.

This session will cover:

  • Why you should be using containers to run your Sitecore environments
  • How development teams can increase their efficiency and time-to-market to ship new releases
  • The resources available that teams can leverage to quickly get started with containers and K8s
  • How you can jumpstart your learning journey with containers

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About the presenter

Wimmy Hong

Cloud Specialist, APJ


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