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Do your competitors have an unfair advantage?

Customer Experience (CX) is the next competitive battleground for marketers. It’s the final hurdle in a decades-long marketing race to win the consumer and keep them loyal.

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Discover how CDP and Personalisation are changing the way we engage.

Here’s a hard truth about the modern consumer: they have an unrelenting lack of loyalty. Personalisation matters but only when it adds value to the customer experience and is consistent across all channels. Meet their needs everywhere they are present, and your customers will stick with you. Mess up and you’re out.

Delivering the kind of customer experience consumers reward with long-term brand loyalty isn’t easy. It takes technology and it takes the smarts and experience to know how to use that technology in complex environments. It’s why Sitecore and Deloitte Digital have joined forces.

Sitecore’s Customer Data Platform (CDP) + Personalize is the Smart Hub marketers need to lay a foundation for the ultimate customer experience. It lets you do smart things with data, to drive your KPIs and meet the goals of the business.

Deloitte Digital takes all the capability provided by Sitecore CDP and Personalize, assesses the opportunity for each customer, and connects everything together.

Join Sitecore and Deloitte Digital experts for this webinar where we will discuss:

  • Why Customer Experience is the next competitive battleground for marketers
  • Where does a CDP and personalisation engine fit within marketing environments
  • Defining your CDP and personalisation use to case to ensure business goals and marketing challenges align
  • The steps for implementing a composable solution with Sitecore CDP and Personalize
  • How to test, automate and scale

About Deloitte Digital

Deloitte Digital is committed to helping clients unlock the business value of emerging technologies. We provide clients with a full suite of digital services, covering digital strategy, user experience, content, creative, engineering and implementation across mobile, web and social media channels.

The integration of our skills and talents enables us to build more than just a website. We build new business capability by creating the right balance of creativity, communications and technology.

About the presenters

Miguel Leone


Deloitte Digital

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