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Next Slide Please… The Art of Digital Storytelling

Learn how to create engaging content that enthuses audiences with Rob Mayhew

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Why Attend?

Join us for an insightful 30-minute session where Jacqueline Baxter, Director, Content Experience Design & Strategy at Sitecore dives into Rob Mayhew's remarkable journey with content creation. We will explore creating engaging content that enthuses audiences, and how this can be leveraged to drive ROI. Learn from the expert himself and his recommendations for the tools that are needed to be successful in enterprise organisations. 

Don’t miss the top tips, tricks and the opportunity to stay ahead in the social media world.

Key takeaways:

  • Steps to crafting an interesting and relevant story
  • Top strategies for creating engaging content
  • Tools to help create content engine
  • B2B Marketing as a content creator 
  • AI impact on content generation 

About the presenters


Jacqueline Baxter

Director, Content Experience Design & Strategy


Robert Mayhew

Rob Mayhew

Creative Director ➕TikTok Creator

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