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Scale personalised content & reduce operational costs

Adopt Headless Content Delivery

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Get ready to optimise your content management!

Are you struggling to deliver personalised content at scale? You are not alone. A report by Accenture reveals that up to 30% of total enterprise sales and marketing costs can be attributed to content creation, with an estimated 60% of this cost resulting from duplication of effort across teams and departments. Most organisations store content across a variety of systems and manually authored in multiple delivery systems, resulting in tedious manual tasks and operational inefficiencies.

Join our expert speaker, Andrew Lomas, a pioneer of digital asset management and content workflows in Australia, to learn how to create a scalable content engine that's consistent and relevant, while saving you money. Discover why headless delivery of dynamic, personalised content is the future, and how Sitecore Content Hub can be your Omnichannel Content Platform.

Key Takeaways

This session will help you understand how to create a consistent, relevant, and scalable content engine that reduces operational costs and optimises digital delivery. You'll leave learning:

  • Why current content management is wasteful.
  • What the benefits of headless delivery of dynamic/personalised content are
  • How Sitecore Content Hub functions as a Omnichannel Content Platform
  • How to modularise your content and the operational savings that accompany
  • Real-life examples and case study

About Creative Folks

For more than two decades, Creative Folks have proudly led the charge redefining the way content is managed and used by helping organisations adapt, innovate and thrive through workflow tools, digital asset management and data integration.

This industry-leading experience has helped enterprise organisations in the AU/NZ region solve their content challenges and optimise their systems to enhance productivity and scale content distribution. Creative Folks remain the go-to partner for the AU/NZ organisations seeking to streamline their content and digital operations to facilitate unified scalable and personalised outcomes for customers and staff experiences.

About the presenter

Andrew Lomas

Co-Founder and CEO

Creative Folks

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