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Own the experience®

The Sitecore® Experience Platform™ empowers you to deliver relevant and contextual digital experiences to every visitor.

One platform.
One experience.

The Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) helps you own the experience and deliver relevant content to prospects no matter what channel they’re on: web, mobile, email, social, commerce, or print.

Hover over the image to see how contextual intelligence ensures the right content automatically gets distributed across the right channels to deliver the outstanding experiences your customers seek.

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Danone Nutricia sees 8x revenue growth

This three-minute video illustrates how Danone Nutricia drove an incredible 8x growth in month-over-month revenues after launching its “Mother’s Journey” program using Sitecore XP.

The site has seen average sales growth of 75% each month and average monthly rebuy growth of 140%--simply amazing business results.

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Own the experience with Sitecore

Marketing campaigns

Orchestrate every digital marketing activity across every channel on one unified platform. 

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Mobile solutions

Let mobile off the leash. Here’s why mobile is about people, not devices—and what that means for you.

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Think 1:1 marketing is just a fairytale? Think again. See how we make fine-tuned personalization simple.

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360° customer view and analytics

A single view of the customer puts the impossible within reach. Smash down silos and turn data into action.

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Marketing automation

When you communicate in context of customer interactions, customers will look forward to your next email.

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Testing and optimization

If you don’t test, you’ll never learn. See how easy we make it to test and optimize customer experiences.

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Customer experience doesn’t end at purchase. Combine content with commerce and watch your sales grow.

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Content management and governance

 Learn how we give you total control over your content—as well as total peace of mind.

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