Make digital banking personal

For you and your customers, digital is no longer an add-on. It’s the ultimate destination.

Do you know the eight key challenges on the road to digital transformation? Take our tour and learn how the experts at Publicis Sapient, combined with Sitecore's composable solutions, will ease and accelerate your transformation journey.

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Making digital your new normal

87% of financial services firms increased their use of digital channels during the COVID-19 pandemic.1

  • For financial services firms, COVID-19 changed digital transformation from a marathon to a sprint.

    Over a two-year period, when face-to-face banking was at times impossible, millions of customers adapted to managing their finances digitally.

    Today, they regard digital as their go-to means of interacting with their banks, insurers, lenders, brokers and more.

    Publicis Sapient helps you embrace digital.

    With decades of experience in financial services business transformation, we'll help you reshape the way you deliver your financial services for a new customer era.


Competing with digital startups and FinTechs

Digital-first financial services firms are winning market-share with innovative customer offers built on agile digital platforms.

  • 78% of millennials say they will never go to a bank branch if they can help it1.

    To remain relevant for customers who actively prefer their banking digital, traditional banks and financial services organizations must now accelerate their modernization efforts.

    Publicis Sapient and Sitecore will help you evolve at speed to take on the FinTechs - or engage them in mutually beneficial partnerships.

    Publicis Sapient uses agile engineering to integrate Sitecore's versatile digital services into your business and infrastructure.

    And together, we'll support your evolution with bespoke, nimble applications that differentiate your business from your peers and the new market entrants.


Halting the Big Tech incursion

Well-funded and data-rich giants like Amazon and Google are steadily launching new financial services products.

  • You're no longer just competing with your peers.

    From Google Wallet to Amazon's growing portfolio of credit, health and product insurance services, traditional financial services firms face growing competition from outside their sector.

    We'll help you raise your game and compete with the tech giants at what they do best: data and targeting.

    We streamline connections between your systems so you can capture, integrate and analyze customer data, to deliver client-specific offers.

    And we enable relevant interactions in the form of hyper-personalized content across every channel and touchpoint.


Opening up to open banking

Customers are now empowered to switch their banks, insurers, health plans, investment services and more in a few taps or clicks.

  • Banks could once afford a "Where else can they go?" mentality. With the opening up of banking platforms, the question now is "Why wouldn't they go elsewhere… and how can we keep them loyal?"

    We help financial services firms to streamline their content lifecycle and data capture to enable new services for existing customers.

    We'll help you put in place "content anywhere" processes that allow agility across all channels – owned, earned, and bought, and from desktop to mobile and beyond.

    So, you can serve the right content at the right time to maximize customer value and minimize attrition.


Tackling cultural and organizational challenges

Disconnects between business functions may constrain even the deepest and most well-intentioned desire to drive innovation.

  • Competing demands and priorities among digital transformation stakeholders, especially CMOs, CIOs and Heads of Digital, can leave digital modernization programs misaligned and lacking direction.

    In addition, it's important to make sure structural changes are done without alienating older customers.

    Prime examples include merging physical and digital channels, and reimagining the role of offices and branch networks for the digital-first age.

    Together, we can deliver a solution that drives organizational change and delights customers of all ages and preferences.

    At the same time, we'll help get key stakeholders pulling in the same direction towards a shared goal.


Respecting legacy technology

The core systems in large financial services firms are often decades old. Any changes that affect them should be managed carefully.

  • As early technology adopters, financial services organizations are often rooted in complex, disconnected legacy systems.

    Replacing these systems altogether may prove unrealistically expensive, while unravelling or rejuvenating them should be approached with caution.

    Sitecore's composable DXP enables you to rapidly add new capabilities, without disrupting your legacy systems.

    Using an agile engineering approach, we'll create API access to your core systems, and seamlessly integrate modern Sitecore services, from AI and Machine learning to chatbots, into your technology estate.


Bringing your people with you

As longstanding ways of working change, it’s important your people embrace and feel ownership of their futures.

  • Not only can we help you advance your technology, we can also enhance your ways of working.

    Publicis Sapient can apply your Sitecore technology to support cross-functional teams, motivating employees, and encouraging stronger collaboration and agility.

    Intelligent process automation frees up employees for value-add activities, such as virtual agents guiding customers through online credit card applications.

    It all empowers your people to create remarkable customer experiences that surprise and excite.

    Sitecore's composable DXP enables you to rapidly add new capabilities, without disrupting your legacy systems.


Choose the right partners for your digital journey

Together, we can equip you to deliver the digital-first, cross-channel services your customers want and need.

  • When it comes to financial services transformation, every business is on the same journey.

    New and old, large and small, every company is playing catch-up with customer expectations, and the winners will be those firms – new or old – who have the best roadmap.

    Publicis Sapient and Sitecore understand this.

    Collectively, we have decades of experience of working with financial services businesses on the threshold of digital transformation.

    If you recognize the importance of making digital banking personal, and if the challenges you've read about here sound familiar, we know how to help you advance and accelerate your journey.

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2 Sitecore