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Delivering the best customer experiences on the world's most trusted cloud platfrom

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53 Certified Professionals

Strategic Global Alliance Partner

Avanade is the leading provider of innovative digital, cloud and advisory services, industry solutions and design-led experiences across the Microsoft ecosystem. Every day, our 56,000 professionals in 26 countries make a genuine human impact for our clients, their employees and their customers. Avanade was founded in 2000 by Accenture LLP and Microsoft Corporation.


Avanade is Sitecore’s first-ever Global Platinum Solution Partner (2021). We specialize in the art of the possible. We understand the intricacies of the platform and how it integrates and enhances your brand experience throughout the customer lifecycle. Plus, Avanade brings together the world’s largest community of experts on Microsoft-based solutions and has helped over 400 Sitecore clients in 26 countries achieve better digital business outcomes. Contact Avanade to envision and implement modern, cloud-based digital experiences.

Together, Avanade and Sitecore accelerate the creation of powerful, personalized human connections between brands and their customers. Read more about our Sitecore solutions at: Avanade Technology Solutions.

Our partnership advantage includes:

  • 26 Sitecore Experience Awards for our clients since 2016
  • 74 Sitecore MVPs since 2014
  • 100+ successful large-scale global Sitecore implementations across multiple industries
  • 900+ Sitecore certified developers
  • Sitecore Global Delivery Centers in 5 time zones
  • Over 1,300 trained Sitecore consultants (more than any other firm in the world)
  • 250+ Sitecore customers with projects delivered in 21 countries
  • Rapid transition to cloud-based business. Avanade is Microsoft’s largest Azure partner and has performed the most Sitecore implementations on Microsoft Azure


Rethink great digital experiences. Avanade was named Sitecore’s first ever “Global Solution Partner of the Year” in 2021. Year over year, our clients are recognized with Sitecore Experience Awards – in virtually every industry – for exemplary digital transformation and digital performance outcomes.

Power of 3

Avanade was created by Accenture and Microsoft to bring the best in digital strategy, design and technology to our clients, to unlock more value from their IT investments, and to maximize business results.

Sitecore partners can unlock the maximum value of your Sitecore investment with the right expertise, experience, and knowledge to solve your toughest digital experience challenges.

You can be assured success of your Sitecore project, knowing that our partners are Sitecore certified and will quickly demonstrate their product knowledge. Select partners have earned Sitecore Specialization, showing an even deeper understanding and proven track record of success working with our products.

Sitecore Experience Manager Cloud

13 Certified Professionals

13 Completed Projects

Sitecore XM Cloud


13 Certified Professionals

Sitecore CDP


6 Certified Professionals

1 Completed Project

Order Cloud


9 Certified Professionals

1 Completed Project


6 Certified Professionals

Content Hub


14 Certified Professionals

2 Completed Projects

Experience Platform


36 Certified Professionals

125 Completed Projects


7 Locations


Avanade Australia

Strategic Global Alliance

Avanade Growth Markets

Strategic Global Alliance


Avanade China (Guangzhou)

Strategic Global Alliance

Hong Kong

Avanade Hong Kong

Strategic Global Alliance


Avanade Japan K.K.

Strategic Global Alliance


Avanade Malaysia

Strategic Global Alliance


Avanade Singapore

Strategic Global Alliance


18 Locations


Avanade Austria

Strategic Global Alliance


Avanade Belgium

Strategic Global Alliance


Avanade Denmark

Strategic Global Alliance


Avanade Deutschland GmbH (formerly: Infoman)

Strategic Global Alliance

Avanade Deutschland GmbH

Strategic Global Alliance

United Kingdom

Avanade Europe

Strategic Global Alliance

Avanade UK Limited

Strategic Global Alliance


Avanade Finland

Strategic Global Alliance


Avanade France SAS

Strategic Global Alliance


Avanade Italy S.r.L

Strategic Global Alliance

United Arab Emirates

Avanade Middle East Limited

Strategic Global Alliance


Avanade Netherlands BV

Strategic Global Alliance


Avanade Norway

Strategic Global Alliance

South Africa

Avanade South Africa

Strategic Global Alliance


Avanade Spain

Strategic Global Alliance


Avanade Sweden

Strategic Global Alliance


Avanade Switzerland

Strategic Global Alliance (Avanade)

Strategic Global Alliance


4 Locations


Avanade Brazil

Strategic Global Alliance


Avanade Canada Inc.

Strategic Global Alliance

United States

Avanade USA

Strategic Global Alliance

Infusion Development Corporation - USA (HQ)

Strategic Global Alliance

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