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Sitecore Partner Program

Introducing a new Sitecore Partner Program

More engaging, more rewarding, more flexible
– and tailored to help differentiate your business

True alliances

Our partners are key to what we can achieve together.

That’s why we’ve redesigned the Sitecore Partner Program to ensure your success through every stage of your client engagement.

In reimagining our partner program, we are:

Investing in you, our valued partners, to give you the very best experience of working with us.

Putting you first, with improvements designed to better fit your individual organization, your aspirations, and your growth ambitions.

Creating strong, beneficial, and rewarding partnerships, where you can stand out and we can all win – together.

Our revised Partner Program gives you a new, modular approach offering you a better bespoke match to your organization, alongside improved rewards that align to your business needs. We are giving you more:

  • Flexibility to choose your path with Sitecore
  • Rewards structured to help your business grow
  • Engagement to access valuable support, connections, and resources
  • Differentiation to help you set yourself apart from the crowd

Stand out and succeed

Strong partnerships mean more growth and greater success together

The revised Sitecore Partner Program is designed to help you set yourself apart from the crowd. With greater modularity, certifications and learning options, specializations, and differentiation within the market.

Stand out and succeed. Learn how we’ve improved the program for you.