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Kick-start your journey into composable commerce and take your DXP to the next level

Accelerate your migration to modernization with Assurex’s OrderCloud migrator, a seamless solution that propels moving your commerce data from any commerce platform into OrderCloud in less than a week.


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To empower marketers and merchandisers to fully personalize the end-to-end shopping experience – before, during, and after the transaction and solidify a SaaS-based transition, you should take into account the speed, agility, complexity, security, and reliability of the solution. Add to that the barrage of data accumulated over time and how it is leveraged to derive meaningful insights and actionable results to run the business.

Assurex’s OrderCloud migrator, Assure.Migrate, enables you to migrate your commerce data from current legacy systems to future-ready, MACH-compliant Sitecore OrderCloud.

Be it catalogs or products, customers, promotions, inventory or prices, you can migrate everything quickly and seamlessly with a comprehensive reconciliation of your data transfer as the solution bridges the real-time visibility to the input and output streams.

We help you seamlessly migrate your online commerce so you can focus on your business

Assure.Migrate allows you to work with real commerce data from your existing systems while building your solution in Sitecore OrderCloud.

Benefit from

  1. Faster time to market
    Data-first approach helps you identify and manage issues early.
  2. Migrate from any solution to OrderCloud
    Sitecore XC or any other legacy solution, it works with minimal tuning.
  3. Improved efficiencies
    Get your data loaded before starting the development, and test against the real data.
  4. True SaaS
    Chosen a SaaS-based platform for your e-commerce implementation? The journey must be seamless. This is a hands-off migration, just give us the access to your environment.
  5. Migrate or Sync
    Looking to just sync the commerce data from legacy systems into Sitecore OrderCloud? Use the “sync” feature to sync at regular intervals.
  6. Expert Consultancy
    Not all solutions are built the same. For complex implementations, Assurex provides a 5-day workshop to devise migration and cutover strategy which feeds into the actual migration process.

Assure.Migrate at a glance

Extract all the commerce data from legacy systems and load it into Sitecore OrderCloud. Or enable a regular sync in case you want to retain a different “source” system


Migrate catalogs

Extract and migrate catalogs, categories, products, variants, and relationships


Migrate images

Extract and migrate images from your existing commerce system or DAM into OrderCloud


Migrate customers

Existing customers from the legacy platforms are transferred into Sitecore OrderCloud to the right buyer organization, and user groups, along with the addresses


Migrate orders

Orders from the existing platform are extracted and migrated to Sitecore OrderCloud and an association between the orders, customers, and products is created


Migrate prices

Have custom pricing or price breaks? No problem. Assure.Migrate takes care of price breaks, variant pricing, price cards. etc.


Migrate promotions, inventory, and everything else

Run promotions, manage inventory, or customize properties. Assure.Migrate takes care of everything with minimal fine-tuning.

Assure.Migrate in action

Create your own UI on top of commerce data migrated into OrderCloud.

Categories and product listing

View all the categories and products listing page in the Buyer App in OrderCloud

Product details page

Out-of-the-box Product detail page (PDP) with and without the variants, with price markups on variants

Seller app in Sitecore OrderCloud

Product variants, prices, price markups and more. Everything migrated from your Sitecore XC implementation.

Cart and checkout

Cart view with catalogs, products, and customers migrated from Sitecore XC to OrderCloud

Get in touch to find out more about Assure.Migrate

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